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All about rosé wine
Rosé is a lighter, fruitier wine with various offerings. Closer to the red wine category, rosé is known for its signature pink color. From a range of sweet to savory to dry, four production methods, and various notes including strawberry, citrus, melon, cherry, raspberry, fresh flowers, and more, rosé is crafted to suit many taste buds and occasions. What is rosé wine and how do they make it? Four methods for producing rosé wine are maceration, saignée, direct press, and blending, with the most common being maceration. The maceration method involves crushing the grapes and giving them time to rest in their skins for a short period. Rosé wines that are macerated tend to be deeper hues and fuller-bodied rosé wines. There are different shades of rosé which can hint at the type of rise it is or where it’s from. It can also give you a preview of what to expect from the flavor. You can expect darker colored rosé to be fuller-bodied, while lighter rosés are usually more citrusy or floral. What pairs well with rosé wine? Because a little snack or fueling meal can help your rosé sit just right, let’s look at some pairing suggestions. Brunch: Think a fruity goat cheese salad, tomato feta pasta salad, or eggs benedict with a refreshing glass of rosé. Charcuterie and a picnic: Unwind with a charcuterie board and crisp glass of rosé over a picnic setting or even on the patio. Seafood: Rosé is the perfect addition to your next seafood meal. Sweeten up the palette. Spicy or bbq: With any spicy or bbq meal, you’ll want a refreshing beverage to wash it down. Choose rosé to refresh your taste buds as you devour a delicious meal. What is sparkling rosé wine? Think Champagne in rosé flavor. Pink rosé is best described as a pink wine laden with bubbles. Sparkling rosé wines are usually made with the blending method. The blending method combines white and red wines to produce rosé champagne and sparkling wine. Are all rosés sparkling? Rosé can be still, semi-sparkling, or sparkling. Yet again, more options, and more to love. Is rosé wine sweet or dry? Overall, rosé wine tends to the dry side, but can be either sweet or dry. New world rosés tend to be on the sweeter side, though. New world wine is a term used to describe areas that adopted wine making practices from Old World regions to make their own industries. Types of rosé wine: • Syrah Rosé (savory) • Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé (savory) • Provence Rosé (fruity and lean) • Pinot Noir Rosé (delicately fruity) • Sparkling rosé (lightly sweet and sparkling)
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