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Cleaning Accessories

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Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves Medium, 1pcs

Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves Medium, 1pcs


Why Marigold?

Lots of reasons. Dipped three times for extra protection and durability, our Extra-Life Kitchen gloves have special roll top cuffs that stay up, an anti-slip pattern to give you more grip and an extra comfy cotton lining. Our gloves also protect your hands and nails from domestic detergents and hot water.


Marigold transforms the dullest chore into one with a sense of purpose, pride and deep satisfaction. We call it the Marigold cleaning glow.

Spontex Supreme All Purpose Cloths, 6pcs

Spontex Supreme All Purpose Cloths, 6pcs


Strong and absorbent.

Cloths made from 100% recycled or renewable fibres*.

Soft touch and flexible feel.

Thick and thirsty.

Perfect for mopping up and wiping down.


Spontex Supreme All Purpose Cloths are strong and absorbent. These bright, thick and thirsty cloths are perfect for cleaning surfaces, mopping up spills, washing up, wiping down and dusting. Cloth size approx. 30 x 50 cm. Composition: 70% viscose, 30% PET.


The special fibres and the way that they're made make these cloths extra absorbent and give them a soft touch and flexible feel.


The Supreme All Purpose Cloths are made using 100% recycled and renewable fibres*. Don't throw them away after just one use, they are pretty durable and can be popped in the washing machine to be used again and again.


Top Tip: These cloths are best used wet especially if tackling tougher stains.

Morrisons Microfibre Cloths, 4pcs

Morrisons Microfibre Cloths, 4pcs


Morrisons Microfibre Multi-purpose Cloths are made from super soft fibres, leaving a streak and lint free finish every time. The thick microfibre strands capture and hold dust and dirt without releasing them into the air. Suitable for all surfaces and can be used wet or dry.

Pack of 4.

Marigold Scrub Away Heavy Duty Scourer, 1pcs

Marigold Scrub Away Heavy Duty Scourer, 1pcs


Why Marigold Scrub Away?

Makes light work of removing burnt on food and dirt from pots, pans, grills and BBQs. The sponge filled stainless steel pad makes cleaning faster and easier, which means less elbow grease is required. The stainless steel wire is rust free and extra durable, lasting as long as 5 spirals!* It is flexible to bend around grills and into corners and the surface rinses easily to keep it cleaner for longer.

* Durability tested by Internal testing

Marigold Softly Non Scratch Scourer, 2s

Marigold Softly Non Scratch Scourer, 2s

Marigold Softly Non Scratch Scourer, 2s
If You Care Medium Latex Household Gloves, 1pcs

If You Care Medium Latex Household Gloves, 1pcs


These hard-wearing rubber gloves are made with fairly traded rubber (latex) from a responsibly managed plantation. The rubber tappers who cut the bark to get the raw material flowing, have received a fair trade premium which is used to improve the lives of their families and village, making them good for nature and for people.

Lined with 100% natural cotton from renewable sources, giving you comfort and protection whilst tackling your household cleaning, dishes or gardening work.

Always use a separate pair of gloves for dishwashing versus all other cleaning.

The recyclable outer packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard, non-toxic glues and vegetable-based inks.

Contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.


Manufacturers Address:
Source Atlantique UK Ltd. 4 North Guildry Street Elgin, Scotland IV30 1JR

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