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Alcohol, Groceries, Ice Cream, Convenience and Snack Delivery in Atlanta

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The lights will never go out on the best delivery in Georgia! Gopuff transforms grocery delivery in Atlanta into a blockbuster service that’s a hard act to follow. We'll have your order at your door in minutes, whether you’re in the mood for southern delicacies like Callie's Buttermilk BiscuitsGeechie Boy GritsRevolution Gelato, or everyday supermarket headliners.

With six micro-fulfillment centers, get whatever you need: office supplies, beauty items, pet care, or groceries. It’ll arrive faster than Childish Gambino can score a number one hit. Even liquor delivery in Atlanta is as easy as peach pie.

Never again wonder “what food is near me,” Atlanta. We have all your hometown favorites ready for delivery from Coca-Cola to Sublime Donuts. Everything you need for a low-country feast, a fantasy football league party, or a quiet glass of sweet tea on the veranda is just a few keystrokes away. 

When it comes to food delivery in Atlanta, Gopuff’s quick and convenient service will make you feel like a star, no matter what neighborhood you’re in.

Gopuff Atlanta FAQs

Does Gopuff offer contactless delivery in Atlanta?

Gopuff offers timely contactless delivery for all items that don’t require ID verification. Simply tick the Non-Contact Delivery box and follow the directions on the order form. 

For orders including alcohol and tobacco, we can verify your ID from a safe distance before dropping off your order. Just have your valid ID handy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Is alcohol delivery legal in Atlanta?

Gopuff likes to break barriers, not the law. We follow all state and municipal requirements for legal alcohol delivery in Atlanta.

How late does Gopuff deliver in Atlanta?

Pulling an all-nighter? Gopuff Atlanta operates 24/7 in most markets and late into the night in the rest. Just type your address into our homepage to see how late we’re open in your area.

Does Gopuff offer delivery options to student housing in Atlanta?

No need to take your nose out of your books. Gopuff can deliver anything you need to your dorm quickly and conveniently. Download our app for iOS or Android, place your order, and leave detailed instructions on finding your residence. We’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress and message you with any questions.