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Anadin Extra Aspirin & Paracetamol, 16s

Anadin Extra gets to work in 5 minutes* for effective relief of headaches, aches and pain. *based on caffeine absorption data Whether you’re suffering from a headache or a migraine, Anadin Extra can help fight your pain. Anadin Extra is developed with an effective triple action formula - aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine - for effective relief of headaches, aches and pains. Aspirin - targets the source of the pain. Paracetamol - helps block pain signals. Caffeine - helps to speed up pain relief. For relief from: headache, migraine, period pain, muscle ache & pain, rheumatic pain, fever, toothache, influenza, feverishness and feverish colds. Also provides relief from: stiffness, sciatica, sprains, strains, joint swelling, neuralgia, fibrositis and a sore throat. Contains aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine, for pain relief, always read the label
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