E45 Dermatological Cream, 50g

E45 Dermatological Cream, 50g

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Clinically Proven to Treat Dry Skin and Eczema — The E45 Cream gets to work instantly to help repair dry skin. E45 cream is also a treatment for dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, ichthyosis and certain cases of psoriasis. - No Other Emollient Treats More Dry Skin Conditions That E45* - E45 cream has been developed to create the right environment for healing dry skin conditions - E45 Cream Helps Lock in Moisture with An Immediate Barrier - The E45 cream provides an immediate to help keep moisture in and irritants out. - Non-Greasy Emollient Is Quickly and Easily Absorbed by The Skin — The E45 Cream does not leave a sticky residue or oily feeling behind. - E45 Improves Dry Skin Health at Every Application — When applied to skin, E45 Cream creates a protective moisture barrier. - Perfume-Free and Dermatologically-Tested — E45 Cream contains Medilan® a hypoallergenic lanolin with rare sensitising properties. - Dry Skin Experts for More than 60 Years - E45 has been taking care of your families skin for over 60 years. Cream, lotion, wash, bath, shampoo, etc... E45 has it covered. - Suitable for The Whole Family - including infants over 1 month - Using E45 3x Everyday Can Reduce the Severity of Symptoms - Based on a 2013 study on 136 British children with atopic dermatitis/eczema.
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Can I get E45 Dermatological Cream, 50g delivered?
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E45 Dermatological Cream, 50g costs £3 plus the Gopuff delivery fee as low as £2.49. Sign up for Fam membership for free deliveries!
Does Gopuff deliver E45?
Gopuff makes it easy to get your favorite products delivered fast, including E45 and more popular brands.
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Yes, Gopuff offers free delivery on E45 and thousands of items with Fam membership (plus more benefits and special offers).
What happens when E45 Dermatological Cream, 50g is out of stock?
Gopuff updates its stock regularly. Visit Bath & Beauty to browse our current selection.