Maison La Fleur Madeline Pink Rose All Day

Maison La Fleur Madeline Pink Rose All Day

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With a preserved flower bouquet, you will not only show a sign of attention but also give the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of a wonderful flower arrangement for a long time. Preserved flowers are once fresh flowers that undergo an in-depth process to extend their life from a few days to many years. Given this unique process they arrive dried, meaning there is no need to water or maintain the flowers.  Preserved flower care instruction: Be mindful when carrying the arrangement: it's a very delicate product! Do not water the roses. Avoid exposing the roses to direct sunlight. Display in a room-temperature environment. Remove dust gently with a duster as needed. Do not place anything on top of the roses. Do not remove the roses from the box. Enjoying your Preserved Roses is that easy. Gone are the days of clipping off wilted flowers and throwing away arrangements after only a week. When cared for properly, your luxury rose arrangement can last up to a year with minimal effort, no watering, and no maintenance.
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