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About 101 Cider Products
101 Cider House is the original "Adults Only" juice bar. We work with local farms to produce raw juice, using only fresh source verified ingredients. Our juice is pressed in small batches, then fermented and aged for 3 months to produce a naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage. Differentiators: - We use only wild/native yeast (compared to champagne yeast in most modern ciders) - Each blend has 0g residual sugar and zero added sweeteners - Our cider flavor profile is dry & tart (most modern cider is on a linear spectrum of dry to sweet.. for our cider imagine an x and y axis (one axis being sweet to dry, the other being tart to tannic) were we are going to be the only cider in the farthest corner of dry and tart - Each blend is certified probiotic, and contains roughly 6-8x more probiotic content than a standard (non alc) kombucha - Our ciders are additive-free, so don't worry about preservatives/filtering & fining agents/sweeteners or otherwise.. just good, clean boozing! - We plant a tree for EVERY 4pk we sell, follow along with our impact here: https://101cider.veritree.com/ - We are a climate positive company: we use 10% of the water that a brewery, cidery, or seltzery uses in production, with the most sustainable ingredient as the majority of the juice blend.. apples!
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