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2 TOWNS CIDERHOUSE WWW.2townsciderhouse.COM Our History: In 2010 long-time childhood friends Lee Larsen and Aaron Sarnoff-Wood met over pints of craft beer on a rainy Pacific Northwest night. Inspired by their travels through Europe and by Lee’s time living in Spain, the friends decided to utilize their access to Pacific Northwest apples and launch a cidery. With Aaron residing in Eugene (after attending the University of Oregon), and Lee living in Corvallis (after attending Oregon State University), they regularly traded off which town they would meet in to discuss plans for the business. The pair noted the impact these two towns of Corvallis and Eugene had left on them, and the appreciation they had for their local communities, eventually deciding to honor them with the name 2 Towns Ciderhouse–a cider company committed to true craft cider and rooted in the Pacific Northwest’s bountiful fruit. The two started making test batches of cider in their basement; which they debuted at Lee’s wedding to a wild reception later that year. Their plans officially took shape when they rented a former three-car taxi garage outside of Corvallis, moved in a couple of wine tanks, built a walk-in cooler, and started their first batch of cider. 2 Towns Ciderhouse now operates out of three locations, including a production space dedicated to the barrel aging program, attached to the Tap Room on HWY 34, and two separate production spaces in South Corvallis including our HQ offices. We currently serve a total of 15 states across the country and other select markets. With over 100 employees it is Oregon’s largest craft cider producer and was voted one of Oregon Business Journals Best places to work, multiple years in a row. Our Mission: Our mission at 2 Towns Ciderhouse has always been to bring cider back to the people, restoring this historic beverage to its former glory through integrity in both ingredients and process. We believe craft beverages should be simple, so we simply use the whole fruits that nature provides, and nothing else. Our Vision: We aspire to make craft cider that is accessible to the people, utilizing quality Northwest ingredients and practices, without being afraid to do things differently. Much like our cider, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is bold, unique, and filled with energy. Our crew is what makes what we do possible, and we are committed to fostering an environment of fairness, empowerment, and security. Who We Are: At 2 Towns we take our craft cider mission seriously, but what good is cider if you can’t have some fun too? We balance our passion for craft cider, with plenty of good times. Whether that be at one of the many brewfests we attend to share our craft ciders with the world, the parties we throw at the Ciderhouse to celebrate and thank our community and supporters, or the many ways we support other individuals who are passionate about their own pursuits. We love a good time, and what better way to enjoy a delicious craft cider than while having a good time! Quality: At 2 Towns Ciderhouse we made a commitment to always honor the rich history of cidermaking, and believe that at its core, craft cider should be simple, so we simply use the whole fruit and nothing else. • Always whole, locally sourced agricultural ingredients whenever possible • Fresh-pressed Northwest Apples from Oregon and Washington farms • Slow, cold fermentation which retains the delicate character of the ingredients • Time intensive cidermaking techniques that draw from cider’s distant past, to pushing the boundaries of what cider can be today and into the future! Our Ciders: Cosmic Crisp® Imperial Ciders – 8% ABV – Available Year Round Original Cosmic Crisp® Imperial Cider: Made with a resplendent blend of fresh-pressed Cosmic Crisp® and Northwest apples, this cider shines like starlight while bright, fruit forward aromatics collide with a high-acid profile for a truly heavenly experience. Original Cosmic Flavor Profile: Vivacious, bubbly, apple-forward with a little tartness. Raspberry Cosmic Crisp® Imperial Cider: Crafted with Northwest raspberries, cranberries, and Cosmic Crisp® apples, this celestial sipper will have you ripping the whitewaters of the milky way! Raspberry Cosmic Flavor Profile: Medium acid content from the Cosmic Crisp apples, with raspberries and a kick of cranberries. Blueberry Cosmic Crisp® Imperial Cider: Crafted with Northwest blueberries and Cosmic Crisp® apples, these rockin’ electric blues will transport you straight across the galaxy. Blueberry Cosmic Flavor Profile: Medium acid content from the Cosmic Crisp apples, with a mellow but fresh blueberry finish. Tropical Cosmic Crisp® Imperial Cider: Crafted with purple passion fruit, hibiscus flowers and Cosmic Crisp® apples, don’t forget your shades and SPF 10100, we’re getting pitted on some epic solar flares! Tropical Cosmic Flavor Profile: Medium acid content from the Cosmic Crisp apples, with a sweet and bright finish from the passion fruit. Cosmic Explorer Imperial Cider Variety Pack: Our 12 pack 12oz Can variety pack includes 3 flavors: 6 cans Original Cosmic Crisp, 3 cans Tropical Cosmic Crisp, 3 cans Blueberry Cosmic Crisp. 8% ABV BrightCider– 6% ABV – Available Year Round Radiant and balanced, BrightCider shines with Newtown Pippin apples, the pioneer variety that defined the cider palate of the Northwest. Flavor Profile: Light straw color; Juicy fresh apple & tropical fruit; Balanced, dry, crisp, not too sweet. Made Marion – 6% ABV – Available Year Round Ripe and juicy, Made Marion unites Northwest apples with whole locally grown Marionberries. The crown jewel of all blackberry varieties, Marionberries are a true testament to the bounty of Oregon. Flavora Profile: Made with 100% fresh-pressed Oregon grown Marion blackberries; Deep jammy purple; Fruit forward, ripe juicy berry notes; Tart blackberry flavor profile Pacific Pineapple – 5% ABV – Available Year Round Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed Northwest apples. This refreshingly juicy and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale! Flavor Profile: Authentic pineapple character; Intensely ripe and tropical; Very well balanced, not sugary sweet Fruit Seasonal – 5.2-5.3% ABV – Seasonal Rotating Flavors: Fruit Seasonal - Cherry Sublime – 5.2% ABV Luminous red sour cherry blends with electrifying lime to create a cider that will take your senses on a journey. Is it sweet or is it sour? You decide. Think a cherry-lime-ade all grown up. Cherry forward with a high acid kick. Fruit Seasonal – Two Berry Dream – 5.3% ABV Tangy and fresh, we’re coming at you with the ultimate crushable-thirst-quenching berry limeade cider. Northwest blueberries, currants and tons of zesty key lime. Fruit Seasonal – Crimson Bliss – 5.2% ABV Tart and complex, Crimson Bliss is full of berry charm. Bright cranberries and black currants make this the perfect compliment for gathering around the fire this season. The Bad Apple Imperial Hard Cider – 10.5% ABV – Available Year Round in 4pk 12oz Cans and 500ml Single Bottle Big and bold, The Bad Apple is made in an imperial style, fermented with local meadowfoam honey and aged in Oregon White Oak. Complex notes of apples and wood make this a Northwest favorite. Flavor Profile: Golden straw color; Complex honey, wood and deep apple character; Dry, full bodied. Super Bad Apple Imperial Fresh-Pressed Hard Cider with Oak – 12.5% ABV – Available Year Round - 500ml Single Bottle Bigger, bolder and badder, Super Bad Apple continues to push the boundaries of cider with a hardcore spin on a Northwest favorite. Massive notes of fresh-pressed apple cider character balance out this imperial baddie. Pristine Peach - Peach Apricot Hard Cider – 6.9% ABV – Available Year Round – 19.2oz Single Can Bright and sunny, Pristine Peach touches the peaks of your tastebuds with its cheerful flavor. The smooth subtle flavor of peach combined with snappy apricot are a great compliment to the touch of sweet honey. OUTCIDER Unfiltered Hard Cider – 5% ABV – Available Year Round – 19.2oz Single Can Rugged and fresh, OutCider isn’t afraid of taking the trail less traveled. Jonagold apples are pressed, fermented, and left unfiltered, so you can experience their raw character. Flavor Profile: Hazy, unfiltered, light straw color; Fresh harvest apple character; Intense juicy apple aromas, tropical fruit, floral; Balanced, semi-sweet, easy drinking, not cloying or syrupy, sweetness comes 100% from fresh juice, no added sugar. Strawberade – Strawberry Lemonade Hard Cider – 6.5% ABV – Available Year Round – 19.2oz Single Can Fruity and quenching, Strawberade packs the best of the west into every sip. Juicy, west coast strawberries and tangy, California Meyer lemons blend perfectly with NW apples to make a pink lemonade cider that will have you living your zest life! Limited Release – 6.9% ABV – Seasonal Rotating Flavors – 500ml Single Bottle Unique and fun ciders that we release throughout the year, with availability while supplies last.
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