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All about flavored liquor
Flavored vodkas, flavored rice wines, flavored rums, flavored tequilas, and the list goes on and on. Flavored liquors can be made with various bases, as we just listed, that have added flavors. In some cases they may have a small amount of added sugar, too. Flavored liquors can also come in the form of ready to drink (RTD) cocktails. For those that appreciate a hard spirit but prefer a sweeter taste, flavored liquors can be a go to choice. Not to be confused with flavored liqueurs, which typically have a lower alcohol content and more sugar. While both can be used to enhance the taste of a cocktail, they are often used in different ways. Liqueurs are often used in smaller amounts to add flavor and depth to a cocktail. Liquors are usually used as the base in a spirit or cocktail. When it comes to drinking, there are few rules (if any) on how you choose to enjoy a drink or shot. Flavored liquors can spruce up your cocktail or make for a shot that goes down a little easier. Among the most popular flavored liquor is flavored vodka, originally released by Absolut in 1986. Fast forward, today nearly every vodka brand has flavored liquor options. Since the first flavored vodka, Absolut Peppar, the flavored liquor market has come leaps and bounds. With flavors so good you won’t hardly know you’re drinking alcohol, we encourage you to enjoy responsibly. What is flavored liquor called? Flavored liquors can also be called infused liquors. Regardless of how they are referred to, they are liquors with added flavoring and sometimes small amounts of sugar. What is the most flavorful liquor? Some flavored liquors are sweeter and more flavorful than others. Fireball, a cinnamon whiskey, is a flavorful whiskey, but not the only one of its kind. On the vodka side, flavors such as Svedka Strawberry Lemonade or Blue Raspberry are packed with flavor. For even more flavor, and less alcohol, steer toward flavored liqueurs. What is a good fruity, flavored alcoholic drink? A simple fruity summer cocktail you can make is Svedka Cherry Limeade Vodka and lemon-lime soda. Alternatively you can use Malibu flavored liqueur and pineapple juice and let your taste buds escape to a tropical island. Flavored liquor can also be used in more sophisticated cocktails too, to add an extra kick of flavor. What are good alcohol brands that have flavored liquor? Looking to sweeten things up? Here are brands that make world famous flavored liquors and liqueurs. - Malibu: Malibu is a coconut flavored liqueur. As we reviewed, a flavored liqueur is different from a flavored liquor. Liqueurs, including Malibu, contain a lower ABV and are usually much sweeter. Malibu is a smooth and creamy coconut liqueur that contains 21% ABV. Made with white rum and natural coconut flavors, there’s no denying its mouthwatering taste. Malibu is an ideal choice for easy mixing or tropical cocktails. Malibu can be mixed with pineapple juice, Coke, Diet Coke, and other mixers. It can also contribute to a perfect piña coladas. - Baileys: Baileys is another type of liqueur. To be specific, an Irish cream liqueur commonly used in dessert like drinks or you guessed it, coffee. Drinkers that prefer a sweeter choice may love liqueurs equally as much as flavored vodkas. Baileys is a unique liqueur that combines Irish whiskey, sweet dairy cream, and bold chocolate and vanilla flavors. It tastes even better than it sounds. You can use Baileys to make delicious Irish Cream Cocktails or Martinis, or simply add it to your cup of coffee. With an ABV of 17% Baileys is on the lighter side, but not when it comes to its flavor. - BeatBox: BeatBox is a ready to drink party punch cocktail available in various flavors. Bottled in 100% recyclable containers, BeatBox can be enjoyed as a liquid or frozen and transformed into slushy form. These wine based ready to drink cocktails are strong in the ready to drink cocktail space with an ABV of 11.1%. For the days you crave something sweet and delicious but lack the time or resources to prepare a cocktail, grab a BeatBox and party on. - Mike’s: Mike’s is best known for delicious hard lemonades in flavors you’ll crave. The brand also offers seltzer too. This premium malt beverage does not fall under the flavored liquor category, but for those looking for a sweet drink with a kick, try a Mike’s. - Svedka: Svedka is a long standing vodka brand that delivers flavored liquors that are irresistible. The lineup includes features such as Cherry Limeade and Blue Raspberry, Peach, Mango Pineapple, Citron, Strawberry Lemonade and more. All distilled four times and made in the USA, Svedka is a premium vodka brand in the flavored vodka space. With a 35% ABV in most of their flavored vodkas, you can enjoy a fresh fruit flavor and a strong buzz. Popular types of flavored alcohol drinks Different moods, call for different flavors. In the flavored liquor sector you’ll find an overwhelming amount of choices. If you intend to drink the flavored liquor straight, choose flavors that sound good. If you intend to use flavored vodka to spruce up a cocktail or spike your mixer, find flavors that fit the description. We have broken down popular flavored liquor brands by flavor to help you find just what you’re looking for. Apple Flavored Alcohol - Smirnoff Green Apple: The Smirnoff Brand is best known for premium vodka and ready to drink Smirnoff Ice malt liquor beverages. The brand also has an impressive selection of flavored vodkas, including Smirnoff Green Apple. - Johny Bootlegger Apple: Johny Bootlegger is a flavored malt beverage with an ABV of 12%. You can use it in your cocktails or drink it in pure form. - Four Loko Sour Apple: Four Lokos are ready to drink adult beverages in 23.5 oz cans. These flavored malt beverages contain 14% ABV and are ready to be cracked, opened, and enjoyed. Peach Flavored Alcohol - Simply Spiked Peach: The Simply brand is known for high quality juice free of preservatives, artificial flavors, or added sugar. Entering the alcohol market, you can find the same great tasting Simply juice spiked with alcohol. The Simply Spiked Peach drink is about as fresh as you can get from a can. - Johny Bootlegger Peach: Johny Bootlegger is a flavored malt beverage with an ABV of 12%. You can use it in your cocktails or drink it in pure form. The sour peach flavor might get your facial reactions going, but it will keep you going back for more. - Four Loko Pregame Sour Peach: This flavored malt beverage contains an ABV of 13.9% and juicy, fruity flavors with a hint of sour. Cherry Flavored Alcohol - Jack Daniels Cherry Lemonade: A new spin on Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. These flavored malt beverages are bottled for convenience and made for great taste and fun. - Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers Black Cherry Lemonade: Another whiskey brand we know and love, Jim Beam. Inspired by the brand's southern routes, these flavored malt beverages are canned and ready for any day. Chocolate Flavored Alcohol - Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur: A blend of Chopin Rye Vodka and bittersweet chocolate, Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur can mix with coffee or cocktails (hello Espresso Martini) to sweeten things up. - Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur: It’s as irresistible as it sounds. With the same commitment to quality and artistry the Godiva brand is famous for, this dark chocolate liqueur sets the bar high. Velvet with a rich silky finish, this liqueur is unlike any other. - Anthon Berg Liqueur Filled Chocolates: For our chocolate loving drinkers, these make the perfect gift for you or someone else. Cinnamon Flavored Alcohol - Ezra Brooks Cinnamon Whiskey Liqueur: On the stronger side, Ezra Brooks Cinnamon Whiskey Liqueur contains 35% ABV, similar to flavored liquor. It tastes just as it sounds, like strong cinnamon with a bold kick. - Fireball Hot Cinnamon Blended Whisky: Fireball is a classic. The perfect mix of cinnamon and whiskey can warm the soul and lift the spirits. A perfect choice for the holidays, or just because, Fireball can be used in cocktails or enjoyed solo.
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