All about Gin
Gin is an iconic adult beverage that serves as the key ingredient in several classic cocktails. Gin and Tonic, Gin Martini, Negroni, and Gin Old Fashioned, to name a few. Derived from the French name of the juniper berry, “genievre,” the name was soon shortened to “gin.” Juniper berries were known for powerful medical effects, such as their disinfectant healing power. Juniper berries were used to fight fever and pests, too. Originally from the Netherlands, it wasn’t until the 17th century that gin came to England. This is where it really starts to take off. Everybody in England was permitted to produce his or her own gin. While foreign alcohols and local beers and wines were facing high taxes, adults turned to gin as a cheaper alternative to take the edge off. Fast forward to the 18th century, gin consumption is increasing quickly in England. The government was money-hungry and passed eight different Gin Bills between 1729 and 1751. These Gin Acts were intended to regulate gin consumption. Quality improved and prices of gin began to rise. Now, we are approaching the 19th century, and one of the most popular gin cocktails emerges - I will have a Gin and Tonic, please. The Gin and Tonic came about by British soldiers that occupied India in a successful attempt to cover the bitter taste of gin. The British added water, sugar, and lime, and just like that, the Gin and Tonic was born. Today, gin is still a well-loved alcohol with a unique taste. While most commonly consumed in long drinks and cocktails, the predominant taste of gin is easy to identify. While the taste can be diversified, gin is known for its strong, fresh, and piney taste with hints of citrus and spice. Top off your glass and read on as we explore everything you want to know about gin, including how to best enjoy it. This includes getting it delivered to your doorstep along with other household essentials, snacks, and groceries. The secret? Gopuff. What is gin made from? Before botanicals and water are added, the base of gin comes from a grain base. Most commonly, the grain base is wheat or barley. The base is then fermented. The fermented grain mixture is mixed with juniper berries and other herbs, spices, and plants, which can also be referred to as aromatics or botanicals. Water balances the alcohol level and flavors until the desired levels are met. One thing that makes gin unique is that every brand or edition has its own exclusive taste. However, the one thing they all have in common is the subtle piney scent of juniper berries. Popular gin botanical flavors include lemon, orange, cinnamon, ginger, angelica root, and more. When it comes to your at-home gin collection, you might be starting to understand why you’ll want more than one brand and or edition of gin. Shop our selection of gins produced by brands you love. Add your selections to your cart and get them delivered in minutes. Need some snacks to polish off your cocktails? We can help with that, too. Different types of gin There are different styles or types of gin, with two popular types being Dry Gin and Aged Gin. Reading the description of gins can help, but it might take a little exploring to find the ones you prefer. Shopping online for gin can allow you the time and space to read up about gins before purchasing. Soak up everything you need to know about different types of gin when you shop gin from home, and get it delivered with Gopuff. Dry Gin: A dry gin or London Dry Gin is one of the most common gin styles. London Dry Gins are known for crisp taste finished with pine-forward notes of juniper dominating the taste. Aged Gin: After being distilled, Aged gin is stored in wooden casks and aged. They can also be aged in staves which are wooden sections taken from barrels. The aging process infuses the gin with flavors and character that come from the wooden (usually oak) casks. When you consider the time, space, and additional labor that aging gin requires, you can start to understand the premium price tag you might see. When choosing an Aged gin, you should consider the character and quality of the base and the flavor inspired by the cask. You should also consider the reputation of the brand or producer, which can help you determine what the gin might be worth. Popular gin brands Shopping gin by the brand can help you narrow down the many options. It can also help manage your expectations, as you might have higher expectations for some brands. While leaning on reviews is one way to narrow down options, we all have varying taste buds. Therefore, you might like a gin that’s off the beaten path. We encourage you to try new kinds of gins and connect with brands you want to support. Shop various gin brands at Gopuff that can be delivered to your door. • Empress Gins • Aviation American Gin • Aviation pre-made Gin and Tonic • Tanqueray Gin • Beefeater Gin • Bombay Sapphire • Hendrick’s Gin • Monkey 47 Gin
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