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All About Sauvignon Blanc
Choosing the right wine for the occasion can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not a die-hard wine connoisseur. Whether shopping for wine for your next dinner party, to gift to your dear friend, to sip at home after a long day, or any other occasion, the options are seemingly endless. Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine, best served chilled, made from the Sauvignon grape. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most food-friendly wines making it a delicious and versatile option. Some pairing ideas are goat cheese salads, Thai food, seafood (creamy seafood chowder or crab cakes for example), herb-seasoned white meats, desserts, and more. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) usually ranging between 11.5% to 13.5%, it’s comparable to most types of wine in the ABV category. Taste of sauvignon blanc Sauvignon Blanc is a fruity, dry white wine. The first thing you might notice is its distinct smell. The aroma of Sauvignon Blanc can be described as a mixture of strong verdant aromas like asparagus, green pepper, or fresh-cut grass mixed with a fruity twist with smells like mango, passion fruit, or grapefruit. Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t exactly fall in the sweet category, but it does have fruity flavors to sweeten the taste some. It has reduced sugar content which is partially why it’s a dry wine. Sauvignon Blanc isn’t a match for everyone’s taste buds, so stay tuned for other white wines you or your guests might prefer. In the meantime, let’s compare some other popular types of wine to Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc There are different types of white wine, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc being two kinds of dry white wines. These two wines share similarities, but Sauvignon Blancs are easily recognized by their intense and pungent aromas. Compared to Pinot Grigio wines are a more vibrant and fruit-forward experience. Pinot Grigio wines are softer wines with delicate fruit notes and a floral twist. Sauvignon Blancs have higher acidity levels which can give it a crisper and more tarte taste. This can translate into a more refreshing choice for warm summer days. A general understanding of the different types of wines can help you choose the right wine for the occasion. If the occasion calls for a Pinot Grigio, visit Gopuff, type in your address to see what wines are available for delivery, and shop well-loved Pinot Grigio wines. Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay is another dry wine. Dry wines might share the similarity of being dry, but they are quite different, including how they are made. In a nutshell, Chardonnays are dry, fruity, and full-bodied with a high acidic content similar to Sauvignon Blanc. As an added bonus, Chardonnays are known for having a high alcohol content. As you sip and enjoy your Chardonnay, notice the creamy or buttery quality of the wine. It’s aged in oak, which gives it a rich vanilla flavor and or creamy finish to taste. California Chardonnays are usually heavily oaked. Chardonnay’s are hard to pinpoint an exact description because they are such a versatile wine. Therefore, the best way to determine the difference between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc is to try them both. Visit Gopuff online and shop for Chardonnays that can be delivered to your door in minutes. Enter your address to view the selection available for delivery in your area. Popular Brands for Sauvignon Blanc Discovering brands of wine that make you want to pour a second glass can make choosing wines much easier. Here are some Sauvignon Blanc wine brand highlights. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc: From New Zealand, the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing, juicy white with citrus and passion fruit aromas, finished with crushed herbs. It’s the perfect wine pairing for fruits such as melon or grapefruit or entrees such as summer salads, lobster, oysters, asparagus, and more. Kim Crawford wines create all wines with the core philosophy of embracing flavors in quality wines. With an affordable price tag, you can stock up on this wine, and get it delivered right to your door at Gopuff. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc: Similar to other Sauvignon Blancs on our list, the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with passionfruit and tropical fruit flavors in every sip. This crisp and elegant white wine won best Sauvignon Blanc in the world. It starts in the Marlborough vineyards in New Zealand. The Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is another high-quality wine with an affordable price tag, available for delivery at Gopuff. Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc: Another New Zealand refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is made by Whitehaven. This vibrant wine pairs well with spicy Asian dishes, grilled chicken, fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, and more. It perfectly balances tropical notes and herbs. Highlighting flavors such as passionfruit, lemongrass, and white peach, no doubt this Whitehaven wine is part of the Sauvignon Blanc family. Similar to the other wines on our list, this is a high-quality wine with an affordable price tag. Order this carefully crafted wine at Gopuff and get it delivered right to your door, along with pairing snacks. Matua Sauvignon Blanc: The Matua brand was the first to produce Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand. As the OG, it’s recommended to give this wine a try. This simple yet delicious wine is rich with lemon citrus notes and hints of passionfruit and basil in every sip. Pair this irresistible wine with an artichoke dip or roasted vegetables and sip it down. Get Matua Sauvignon Blanc delivered to your door with the snacks, drinks, and household items you need at Gopuff. Because why wait to unwind any longer? Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc: The Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is another New Zealand wine that entices tastebuds with aromas of honeydew melon, passionfruit, citrus, and a subtle touch of blackcurrant leaf. With underpinned notes of makrut lime, lemongrass, and a touch of grapefruit skin, this wine will leave you wanting more. When it’s time to order more, visit Gopuff, load up your cart, and get Cloudy Bay wine delivered right to your door. Other popular white wines You might have a go-to white wine, but venturing out keeps us on our toes. Here are some other popular white wines you might want to try if you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blanc. Chenin Blanc: Chenin Blanc wines can be white or sparkling, dry or sweet. From the Loire Valley of France, Chenin Blanc is a white wine grape variety that usually produces dessert wines, although it can also produce neutral, dry wines. Pinot Blanc: Pinot Blanc is another white wine grape that’s a point genetic mutation of Pinot Noir. Pinot Blanc grapes can produce dry and sweet white wines. Pinot Blanc wines pair well with soft cheeses or salads with creamy dressings. Chilean Sauvignon Blanc: Calling all white wine lovers, the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is a must-try. Sauvignon Blanc is Chile’s second most widely planted variety. The Chilean Sauvignon Blanc displays white peach, lime, grass, and wet stone aromas. It’s balanced by sharp acidity, lime flavors, jalapeno flavors, and more. Mouth watering already? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Moscato: Moscatos are light-bodies, sweet wines made with flavors such as peach and orange blossom. From the Muscat family of grapes, you might notice this wine shares similarities with raisins and table grapes. Ready to enjoy some chilled Moscato? Order now at Gopuff and get it delivered to your door.
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