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About Anderson Valley Products
Founded in 1987, Anderson Valley Brewing Company brews hand-crafted, authentic beers with balance, complexity and an unwavering commitment to sustainably producing world-class beer. Seriously. Ask anyone. Quality obsessed and relentlessly innovative, we strive to perfect every style of award-winning beer we brew; from balanced IPAs and patiently barrel-aged bottlings to industry leading Goses. Our team is dedicated to producing beer that we’re proud to share and drink ourselves from the highest quality ingredients that nature provides. As the World’s First Solar Powered Brewery AVBC leads the craft beer industry as pioneers in responsible brewing and innovators in environmental sustainability practices: • We operate our own completely self-contained water system, where we sustainably treat and return 100% of our water back to our property. • Our nitrogen generator, a handy piece of equipment that pulls nitrogen out of the ambient air, reduces our CO2 usage by up to 80% • All our spent grains and yeast are repurposed to feed local cattle. • Our aluminum and cardboard packaging is the most environmentally responsible possible and has allowed us to reduce trucking needs by 60% compared to glass bottle packages and is plastic free.
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