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Blue Moon comes in several packs and flavors, Blue Moon Belgian White, Blue Moon Light Sky, and Blue Moon Haze. Blue Moon Belgian White: Crisp and tangy with subtle citrus sweetness, Blue Moon Belgian White is a Belgian-style wheat ale beer perfect for sharing. Full of zesty orange fruitiness, this citrus beer with 5.4% ABV boasts a creamy body and light spicy wheat aroma. Pick up a Blue Moon pack anytime you or your friends need a refreshing drink. Crafted with Valencia orange peel, a touch of coriander, oats, and wheat, this light fruity beer provides a refreshing and balanced taste for every season. Blue Moon Belgian beer pairs well with many meals, including grilled seafood, salads, marinated chicken, and Asian dishes like pad thai. Grab a Blue Moon craft beer for watching the big game or sharing a meal with friends. Don't forget to garnish your Blue Moon beer bottles with an orange round to accentuate the beer's citrus aroma. Imagined in Belgium and crafted in Denver. Blue Moon Light Sky Citrus Wheat: Blue Moon Light Sky Wheat Beer is a craft beer that's light and refreshing with a subtle citrus sweetness. Perfectly balanced and crisp, this tangerine beer with 4% ABV shines with bright citrus notes highlighted by tropical mango and pineapple hops. With 95 calories and 3.6 grams of carbs per serving, this light golden beer is perfect to share with friends when you need refreshing drinks in any season. Try this citrus beer with street tacos, chicken skewers or a fresh summer salad. Blue Moon Light Sky provides the perfect session beer for day drinking, hangouts, beach days, or barbecues. Grab a case of beer cans for your next gathering or pool party. Blue Moon Light Sky Tropical Wheat: Refreshing and light, Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat beer is crisp and flavorful with a unique tropical twist. This delicious low carb beer is brewed with real orange peel and features fresh, candied pineapple flavors that are highlighted by a tropical hop finish—giving it a delightfully full flavorful profile that you wouldn’t expect from a light beer. Plus, it has just 95 calories and 3.4g carbs per 12oz can, and comes in a slim can for an easy, portable drinking experience. With such a bright flavor and aroma, this golden craft beer is sure to delight all of your senses from first to last sip. Pick up a pack of Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat beer —a perfect addition to summer salads and daytime parties. Blue Moon Haze: Blue Moon Moon Haze Beer is an award-winning craft beer brewed with dried whole oranges to add delicious juicy flavor and bright color. With 5.7% ABV, Blue Moon Moon Haze took home a gold medal at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival in the Juicy/Hazy Pale Ale Beer category. This citrus beer features the tropical taste of juicy oranges and coconuts, while the oats and wheat lend a slightly sweet, silky, and creamy mouthfeel. Enjoy a smooth finish with just a touch of astringent bitterness. This easy-drinking hazy beer pairs well with fresh produce and poultry, so drink it with some chicken wings and a summer salad. Blue Moon Moon Haze makes a great pale ale beer for day drinking, hangouts, beach days, or barbecues. Grab a case of beer cans for your next gathering or party.
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