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BOMANI Cold Buzz is a cold brew coffee cocktail, and it’s absolutely electric. We’re obsessed with coffee & we’re no strangers to a good time, so we had to make sure that we chose a bean blend and alcohol base that taste delicious together. It all started while we were working high-intensity finance jobs where we found ourselves enjoying our cocktails with caffeine. We saw tons of our friends doing the same thing, and we knew that there had to be a better option than synthetic laboratory-made energy drinks mixed with vodka, or espresso martinis that were inconvenient to go get from a bar. We told ourselves it was time to create something better; something that was healthier, tastier, and more convenient. Something that could electrify the moment. So, BOMANI was born. To say formulation was a challenge is the understatement of the century. We spent hundreds of hours developing BOMANI Cold Buzz, using our friends as guinea pigs for every new concoction. When the whole team tasted the final product, we were absolutely floored at how delicious it was! At only 110 calories, 0g sugar, and 0g carbs with approximately as much naturally-occurring caffeine as just over a half a cup of coffee, we realized we had lightning in a bottle (or rather, lightning in a can). The very next morning, we walked into our corporate jobs and gave our two weeks’ notice. The name BOMANI is derived from a Farsi word that means “to have purpose.” We chose this name because we believe that you deserve to be able to work towards your purpose without sacrificing your social life or your physical health. When you try BOMANI, you’ll love how customizable it is. One reason people keep coming back is because they can personalize BOMANI the same way they can personalize your coffee. We always say Shake Twice, Pour Over Ice, and Make It Your Own. Try BOMANI out of the can, over ice, with cream & sugar, and as part of a cocktail. For our espresso martini fans, try the BOMANI-tini: 3oz BOMANI, 1oz coffee liqueur, and optional 1oz vodka or tequila. We love it when bartenders tell us that the BOMANI-tini is the espresso martini’s sexier best friend.
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