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About Calirosa Tequila Products
ABOUT CALIROSA: Calirosa Tequila is made using the finest blue agave from Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila. While most tequilas are aged in whiskey barrels, our distillery uses red wine barrels to give Calirosa its smooth taste and signature rosa glow. Our tequilas are crafted in traditional small-batch, slow-cook fashion by the legendary Real family, who invented Rosa Tequila over 80 years ago. Taste the craft, care, and passion in every drop of Calirosa — the highest rated Rosa in the world. From the blush of our Blanco to the rich amber and golden red of our Añejos, Calirosa’s standout hue, finish, and flavor are on full display from first look to final sip. A statement tequila perfect for drinking under neon lights, in the shadows of the disco ball, from dusk till dawn. MEET THE FAMILY: CALIROSA ROSA BLANCO Aged one month in red wine barrels. Our playful youngest core family member, Rosa Blanco has hints of lychee, hibiscus and ocean air at first sip. This is the drink-anytime bottle for Rosa rookies and tequila connoisseurs alike. CALIROSA REPOSADO Aged nine months in red wine barrels, our Reposado is bursting with nectarine, coriander and pineapple notes. Drink this for specialty cocktails, spontaneous happy hours, and late-night living room discos. CALIROSA AÑEJO Our Añejo is aged in for 18 months in red wine barrels. On first sip, Calirosa Añejo is full of cacao and hazelnut with a woody finish. This is the bottle you reach for when you want to impress the entire room at your friend’s birthday dinner. CALIROSA EXTRA AÑEJO Our eldest core family member, Extra Añejo is aged for 3 years in red wine barrels. This sophisticated sip gives fresh pastry, fig, star anise, leather and so much more. This is our top-shelf bottle for special celebrations big and small. Sip and savor every drop.
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