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Meet Cool Cat Founder Rocco Venneri “It’s not about the most popular person in the room…cool cats are authentic, original, they lead by their heart, instincts and talent. They own who they are without apology.” As a Black/mixed-raced man growing up in the predominantly white, wealthy town of New Canaan, CT, Cool Cat CEO Rocco Venneri knew first-hand what it felt like to be an outsider. Watching the privilege and endless opportunity of others could have negatively affected how he felt about himself and his own chances of success, but it did the opposite. At a Mother’s Day barbecue in 2018, Venneri’s brother mentioned that the canned cocktail category was starting to grow and in typical Rocco fashion, he immediately set out to create one of his own. His mission? To make wine drinking accessible and cool for a younger market. On a larger scale, it was of paramount importance to him that the brand be rooted in representation, inclusivity, and acceptance of people of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. While vacationing in Europe that summer, he conceptualized Cool Cat while enjoying a delicious Elderflower cocktail that would serve as inspiration for the brand's first flavor. After testing multiple flavor profiles at California-based wineries, three more were added to the mix: Citrus, Grapefruit, and Berry. Two years of preparation and hard work later, Venneri’s vision became a reality when Cool Cat launched in 2020 - a canned white wine sparkling cocktail that is crisp, original, accessible, and of course, cool. With a skeleton crew and years of branding experience in the fashion industry, Rocco first found himself shipping his own cases from a small New York distribution center. Since then, Cool Cat has picked up speed with consumers and will be distributed in a large expansion across America in collaboration with Target and GoPuff in Spring 2023. A perfect balance of great taste, style, and versatility, Cool Cool Cat can be enjoyed straight from the can or used as a mixer in a favorite cocktail recipe. It is a ready-to-go companion for every adventure. Pick up a can of Cool Cat’s four distinct flavors and help us spread the word!
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Gopuff is ready to deliver Cool Cat Products and more convenience store essentials in minutes, perfect for that one missing ingredient, late-night snack cravings, or last-minute wine for guests.
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