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Named after the remote hills with flat summits where the Mondavi family gathered as children, Flat Top Hills wines are an achievement of the imagination, combining modern sensibility with a winemaking tradition that dates back four generations. Meticulously crafted with keen attention to quality and an approachable style, the fruit-forward wines offer full body and soft structure that invites consumers to relax into each moment. Flat Top Hills offers a modern and innovative approach to wine. The wines showcase a bold new approach, offering a fruit-forward style with full body and soft structure. One of the founding names in American wine, the iconic C. Mondavi & Family history dates back four generations. Building on a legacy that includes some of the most storied wines and regions of California wine, Flat Top Hills is family-owned and draws from family-farmed vineyards in the Dunnigan Hills of California. Head winemaker Randy Herron drew on decades of experience to craft smooth, full-bodied wines, stylized with plenty of fruit and structure. He collaborated closely with consulting winemaker Angelina Mondavi, part of the G4, which conceived of the wines as their contribution to the family’s the long tradition of winemaking excellence. Together, Randy and Angelina developed a collection of modern wines that invoke a carefree feeling inspired by family gatherings in the vineyards.
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