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Kim Crawford was launched in 1996 from a small cottage in Auckland, New Zealand, and quickly the brand's powerful, aromatic wines began winning awards and gained a devoted, even fanatical, following, including in the United States, to where Kim Crawford began exporting only two years after its launch. Their Sauvignon Blanc made the Wine Spectator Top 100 List in 2003 and since then has made the list several more times in addition to being awarded dozens of other prestigious rankings; it now is the #1 Sauvignon Blanc in the United States. Kim Crawford never wanted to be the biggest — just the best. So they do things differently; they take risks and always are willing to try something new, like their lower-calorie Illuminate wines and first-ever sparkling wine with Prosecco, both of which received awards. Chief winemaker Dave Edmonds has been making Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for more than 20 years, yet he's just as passionate about it today as the day he started, using his wealth of experience to craft world-class Kim Crawford wines for all to enjoy. Kim Crawford was one of the first pioneering wine brands to take advantage of the abundant resources and ideal location of New Zealand’s grape-producing regions. Being a nation of islands, New Zealand benefits from the temperature-moderating sea, making it the perfect place to grow some of the finest grapes on earth. Long, warm days and cool nights allow the grapes to ripen slowly, developing intense flavors. The balance between vibrant fruit flavors and crisp acidity is a signature of New Zealand wine and the reason that Kim Crawford pairs so well with food, whether the wine comes from the Marlborough, Central Otago, or Hawke's Bay regions. In the end, it is this unique combination of factors — from regions and soils, to temperatures and growth rates — that give Kim Crawford wines this ideal balance, making Kim Crawford more than just the perfect wine to complement foods and occasions — it's the perfect wine to complement the real you.
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