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Allow us to change your perception of what beer *should* taste like. Each of our 6 fruit lambics are blended with the juice of fresh, macerated fruit - lending bold color, juicy fruit flavor and incredible aromas with a sparkling finish to each delicious variety. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To truly understand what makes Lindemans Brewery unique, we must go back to the beginning. At the heart of Pajottenland, a very fertile rural area on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium, there is a small village called Vlezenbeek, which has the immense advantage of benefiting from exceptional microflora. Our valley air is full of hundreds of wild yeasts, of which the best known are 'Brettanomyces Bruxellensis' and 'Brettanomyces Lambicus'. These yeasts are unique. They constitute our wealth, what makes us special. These micro-organisms allow us to brew beer according to an ancient and unique process, called spontaneous fermentation (also known as natural or wild fermentation). For 200 years, the Lindemans family has remained faithful to this craft brewing process and become the largest, independent and family-owned lambic brewery in the world. Our lambic beers range from softly sweet and fruity to deliciously sour, and each batch is brewed with tradition and quality in mind. We hope you’ll open your mind and your senses to this exceptional beer style and the delicious marriage of fruit and beer that constitutes our fruit lambic range.
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