About M. Chapoutier Products
The name Chapoutier occupies a storied place in the history of the Rhône Valley, beginning 1808, when the family first settled in the Rhône Valley. Throughout the 19th century and well into the next, M. CHAPOUTIER and its eponymous winery grew steadily, producing wine from esteemed vineyard sites such as Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. However, 1990 was a watershed moment for the winery, with the arrival of Michel Chapoutier. Under his leadership, the maverick winemaker established bold initiatives. For example, the introduction of Single Vineyard Selection that express the unique terroir of a site, or wine labels embossed in braille for the visually impaired. In each instance, Michel’s decisions were, and continue to be, driven by a deep respect for the soil, climate, and his fellow human beings. Michel Chapoutier believes that only healthy vines growing within a balanced ecosystem can make great wine. Since 1990, The Maison M. CHAPOUTIER have pursued an unwavering commitment to practicing biodynamic viticulture. All chemical pesticides and herbicides are prohibited. Vineyards are nourished with organic matter, thereby preserving, and promoting the good bacteria inherent in healthy soils. Additionally, all vineyard decisions such as when to prune or harvest are informed by the cycles of the earth, sun, and moon. A profound respect for nature and its rhythms inspires him to continually learn, improve and imagine new possibilities. This philosophy and practice have been validated time and time again, as M. CHAPOUTIER is the most awarded winery in the world, with more 100-point scores from Robert Parker and more 90+ ratings than any other winemaker.
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