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About Madre Mezcal Products
BRAND DETAILS Distilled with both the newcomer and the seasoned consumer in mind, Madre Mezcal is a gateway spirit that offers beautifully well-balanced flavor with a smooth finish. With less smoke than most mezcals, Madre appeals to a new cohort of mezcal drinkers, opening palates to new characteristics with its signature expressions including a blend of Espadin and Cuishe, a single varietal Espadin, and Madre Desert Water, a line of approachable, ready-to-drink canned mezcal cocktails featuring its Espadin expression. Madre is a certified artisanal product from Mexico, hand-made by mezcaleros in open-air palanques located in the rural hills of Oaxaca. Using local water, natural yeast from the air, minerals within the earthen oven used to roast the agave, and the inherent flavors of the land within the agave plant itself, Madre reflects the essence of the earth in its purest form. Using unwritten family processes passed down through generations, Madre works with three families on the ground in Oaxaca – Familia Blas, Familia Morales, and Familia Vasquez – each of whom craft different expressions of Espadin and/or Cuishe agaves, that are carefully blended to create Madre’s mezcal expressions - Madre Ensemble and Madre Espadin. AVAILABLE PRODUCTS MADRE ENSAMBLE Madre Ensamble is Madre's first product, and features a blend of Cuishe and Espadin agaves. The unique blend of these two different agave varietals creates a balanced flavor profile with a subtle smokiness that is complemented by mineral notes, a hint of sage, and a floral finish. This mezcal is a great choice for both beginner and expert mezcal drinkers. MADRE ESPADIN Madre Espadin is made with 100% Espadin, which is sourced from several different regions in Oaxaca, to showcase the full expression of this agave varietal. Both bright and balanced with a smooth finish, this mezcal works wonderfully in cocktails, imparting a mild sweetness, modest herbal and citrus notes and light mesquite flavor that compliments without overpowering. MADRE DESERT WATER Desert Water is a line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails that comes in four flavors. Created as a high-quality, all natural RTD for conscious consumers, Desert Water serves as an introduction to new mezcal drinkers that might otherwise be intimidated by the spirit, while also appealing to mezcal lovers with a new format. Desert Water is meant to be enjoyed with friends wherever your adventures take you, whether that’s at a music festival, foraging for mushrooms, or after a long surf session.
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