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Since 1826, Pulteney Distillery by Wick’s historic harbour has crafted a single malt scotch whisky that is the very essence of its coastal location. Being distilled and matured by the sea coupled with meticulous oak cask selection creates as distinctive flavour which sets it apart from other single malt Scotch whiskies. Old Pulteney achieved top ten status in the UK single malt market in 2012, and is renowned for being The Maritime Malt. THE PLACE: WICK Pulteney Distillery is located in the town of Wick in Caithness – the far north east corner of Scotland on the rugged coastline, only 16 miles away from John O’Groats, which is the most northerly point on the mainland of Britain. THE MAN: SIR WILLIAM JOHNSTONE PULTENEY Although founded in 1826 by James Henderson, the distillery and the single malt produced there owe a lot to the man after whom they are both named. William Johnstone was born in Dumfries, south west Scotland on October 19th 1792. He studied law and went on to become an eminent advocate. He lived in Edinburgh, where he associated with the country’s leading thinkers, writers and philosophers, and his circle of friends included the economist Adam Smith and architect, Robert Adam. In 1760, William Johnstone married heiress Francis Pulteney, the third daughter of the MP and government official Daniel Pulteney. It was at this time that William Johnstone changes his name to William Johnstone Pulteney. He invested in land in the West Indies and the USA and soon was rumored to be the wealthiest man in Great Britain. THE PLACE: PULTENEYTOWN In 1783, Pulteney began working with Thomas Telford, later the most eminent civil engineer of his day. Pulteney became the Governor of the British Fisheries Society and appointed Telford to design a new harbor and housing for the world’s then largest herring fishing port, at Wick in Caithness. Pulteney oversaw the development of the community and the creation of ‘Pulteneytown’ to house the fishermen and the construction of a new harbor. The small town of Wick, once only accessible by sea, became a source of wealthy and prosperity, symbolized by the ‘silver darlings’ ( erring) and ‘gold’ ( whisky).
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