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About Otherwise Products
Otherwise Brewing makes award-winning gluten-free beers in a wide range of popular styles. Flavor comes first with Otherwise, and we strive to make delicious beers that can go toe-to-toe with the offerings of the best craft breweries out there. To achieve that goal, we developed our own proprietary brewing techniques that are unique to our beers. As a result, most drinkers in a blind taste test can’t even tell that our beers are gluten-free—and that’s how we like it! We want our customers to choose Otherwise first and foremost because they love the taste, and after that because of the health and environmental benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle. Launched in early 2021 in San Francisco, Otherwise was founded by brewer Aaron Gervais and beer expert Stellar Cassidy. They came to gluten-free beer out of a desire to make the flavors and innovation of craft beer accessible to everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. Otherwise beers cover the entire range of traditional and modern beer styles, but they are made with alternative gluten-free ingredients, including rice, millet, oats, and buckwheat. In addition to being gluten-free, many of these ingredients also have the benefit of being more drought tolerant and/or less carbon intensive than other traditional brewing grains. So whether it’s flavor, health, or environmental sustainability, there are many great reasons to make the next beer you try an Otherwise. Cheers!
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