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Our distinctive taste is hardly surprising when you consider Radeberger Pilsner was born so close to the cultural epicenter of Dresden. Tucked between Dresden and the Elbe Valley, Radeberg lay at the heart of the Kingdom of Saxony before Germany was a unified country. Since 1872, we’ve been guided by one single-minded pursuit: we call it “Pilsner Perfection”, the perfect combination of water, hops and barley, and a passion to share our distinctive taste with the world - first in Saxony, then Germany and around the globe. In 1872, five local men of distinction from the small town of Radeberg, Germany decided to teach us all a thing or two about beer. Even more surprising, they were total amateurs - but what they lacked in experience, they more than made up for in vision, taste, and their unrelenting commitment to one thing and one thing only - brewing the finest German Pilsner the world had ever seen (or tasted). Radeberger Pilsner rewrote the rulebook of great brewing. If they needed something that didn’t exist, their only response was to invent it themselves. Case in point: the brewery was the first to introduce motorized cooling systems to transport Radeberger Pilsner throughout the country. Pilsners are a common brew in Germany, but there’s something special about being the first. It means we’ve always been the leader - never the follower. We took a recipe from Pilzen, Czech Republic, and elevated it to the next level by adding the highest quality ingredients, including soft, pure water unique to the area around our hometown of Radeberg, Germany. Radeberger Pilsner is the German original beer. Ever since becoming the first brewery in Germany to exclusively brew a German-style Pilsner, Radeberger has specially crafted its Pilsner to standards of quality and beer taste above reproach. For over a century, we have produced an unparalleled beer, according to the principles of our founders: never follow fashions or compromise our traditions. Radeberger uses soft water from its own well and only the choicest ingredients, to brew this award-winning Pilsner. A full-bodied, complex taste with a little more hops than most Pilsners gives Radeberger its distinctive, memorable flavor.
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