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All about Truly drinks Founded in 2016, Truly is best known for mouthwatering hard seltzers. However, their collection of alcoholic beverages expands beyond the hard seltzer market featuring irresistible fruity flavored vodkas. Truly seltzers are simple and natural, containing a hint of real fruit flavor, and finished with plenty of refreshment. For those unfamiliar, hard seltzers are essentially sparkling water spiked with alcohol. Most commonly they are made in fruity flavors. They can also be made to mimic ready to drink cocktails, for example, Truly Margarita Style Hard Seltzers. Truly has mouthwatering flavors such as Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Passion Fruit, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lime, and more. These gluten free adult beverages (Fruit Punch and Lemonade styles) contain just 100 calories per can with 1 gram of sugar and 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Most seltzers follow similar nutritional information - one of the drivers explaining the nationwide craze. While hard seltzers such as Truly have been on the market for years, they’ve grown significant market share in recent years. What is a Truly? Truly is a brand that specializes in hard seltzers. A Truly hard seltzer is a light and refreshing, fruity sparkling water beverage that is spiked. Crack one open and see where the adventure takes you. How much alcohol is in a Truly hard seltzer? ABV can vary depending on the style Truly you’re cracking open, but most feature an ABV around 5%. Popular Lemonade and Fruit Punch Truly styles contain 5% ABV and only 1 gram of sugar. With 100 calories per can and 2-3 carbohydrates, Truly hard seltzers are considered a healthier drink of choice by many. What are the most popular Truly flavors? Truly is available in a variety of flavors and styles. Have fun with sampling all of them and choose your favorites. Here are some of the most popular flavors and collections. Truly Lemonade: Truly offers a variety of lemonade style seltzers featuring flavors such as Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, Original Lemonade, and more. Pick up a variety pack and try them all. Truly Margarita: Truly now offers margarita style seltzers in mouthwatering flavors such as Watermelon Cucumber and Mango Chili. Similar to Truly Lemonade, the margarita style seltzers are also available in variety packs. Truly Fruit Punch: Truly’s Fruit Punch hard seltzer is bursting with real fruit flavor. Find it in the Punch Pack Mix with other variations of hard seltzer punch. Truly Wild Berry: An original flavor, Truly WIld Berry, is a crisp and clean hard seltzer with a hint of real fruit flavors. What kind of alcohol is in Truly hard seltzers? Truly hard seltzers are made in a similar process to beer, and actually have no vodka or liquor. The spiked element comes from fermented cane sugar. They fall under the category of a Flavored malt Beverage (FMB), which includes beverages with alcohol content derived from fermented cane sugar or grain. Is Truly gluten free? Truly hard seltzers are gluten free. So, go ahead and indulge.
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