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1849: Edouard-Jean & Adolphe Cointreau establish their distillery in Angers, France   1885: Inspired by his wife Louisa, Edouard Cointreau, son of Edouard-Jean, creates his unique crystal-clear orange liqueur. Cointreau liqueur is born. Ever since, the character of Cointreau remains unchanged and truly authentic.    1898: Motion pictures just have been invented and Edouard Cointreau is the first-ever to launch an advertising film, produced by the Frères Lumières. Ever since, Cointreau remains avant-garde, ahead of the times. 1929: Louisa Cointreau is made Knight of the French Legion of Honor as Chairwoman of the Angevin Committee of the Union of French Women.   19th Century : Sidecar, Margarita, Cosmopolitan or White Lady, all those classics cocktails where created with Cointreau. A century later, Cointreau is now part of more than 500 cocktails. Today: The 6th generation of the Founder’s family represented by Alfred is still active in the living Heritage of the House.
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