About Gopuff Ads

About Gopuff

Gopuff delivers food & drinks, cleaning supplies, home needs, OTC medication and more in just minutes to our customers.

We store about 3,000 products in each Gopuff micro-fulfillment center, so when customers order, their stuff goes directly from us to them. We don’t charge surge pricing because we’re not a courier service, and because we’re delivering directly instead of picking it up from the store, we deliver fast. Our motto is: “Order in seconds, delivered in minutes.”

Gopuff Ad Solutions

Gopuff is changing the landscape of digital advertising for our brand partners and we invite you to join in this unique opportunity.

You will be able to promote your products in Gopuff's consumer shopping experience across both app and web and track the performance of those products directly within the platform. Gopuff allows brand partners the unprecedented ability to promote individual products on the site.

There’s no better or more effective way to spend digital marketing dollars than right within the digital store itself and we are excited to offer brand partners this opportunity on Gopuff.

The Opportunity

Below are images of all the Sponsored Product Ad placements that you can bid for on the Gopuff site:

Sponsored Product Ads - Your ads will show up wherever your customers are, whether that is the category, sub-category, or shelf.

Sponsored Search Ads - Be the first brand to appear based on key search terms, ensuring that you stay top of mind.

Get Started

To get started, register for the Gopuff Ads Platform by filling out the form here. You will receive an email from CitrusAd with details to activate your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up ads?

From account creation to seeing your ad live on the Gopuff website can be done in less than 15 minutes.‌

What will I be charged for?

Gopuff has a Cost-Per-Click payment model. You will only be charged when a customer clicks on your ad.  Brand partners are paying for actions not impressions.

Am I locked into a contract or can I cancel anytime?

Gopuff gives brand partners the ability to pause their campaigns and come back at any time which means you will never have to worry about lock-in contacts.‌

Should I use Gopuff to launch advertising campaigns for new products?

Yes, Gopuff will ensure your new product has the optimal chance of reaching your target audience and reporting will offer key uptake insights.‌

Why should I launch a campaign when sales are good enough?

It's great to hear when brand partners are doing well already but the question is, do you want more sales outside of what you get organically? Let's say you are a make-up company and a customer types " waterproof mascara" - your product is not appearing in the top row let alone on the first page. Already you have lost a great opportunity to earn a new customer. Using CitrusAd you can achieve this - your waterproof mascara can be broadcast to the right customers who are in the mindset of wanting to purchase your type of product. With real-time reporting we can show you the positive uplift we can bring in getting you new sales from a totally different audience.‌

Can I set campaigns to go live on a particular date in the future?

Yes, you can with our ad scheduling feature you can set a date in the future for your campaign to go live. Giving you complete control and freedom to "set and forget".‌

What happens if my product is out of stock

You will never be charged if your product is out of stock. Your product may still show to customers but impressions or clicks will not be registered against your ad campaign.

Can I get help with keywords that will help me target the right customers?

Yes, the Gopuff team can offer suggestions for the right keywords to find the right customers to help get you those extra sales.‌

What Reporting Metrics do I receive and what do they mean?

Under your Campaigns dashboard, you will see "Campaigns" and "Products" reports. This is where you can glean your real-time data across different metrics. Below you will find a table of these metrics and their definitions.‌

  • Maximum Spend Value: The total possible spend, specified for each ad campaign (specified by campaign creator). 

  • Max CPC (Max Cost Per Click): The highest amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad (specified by the campaign creator). 

  • Imp (Impressions): Total number of times an ad is shown after winning an auction and within viewport. This is not counted when your product is seen on the retailer site when it is not sponsored.

  • Clicks: Count of total clicks on an ad. This is the sum of clicks to the product detail page and clicks to the cart. 

  • Cnvs (Conversions): Count of purchases from a clicked ad. 

  • Sales: Units or quantity sold, attributed to clicks on the ad. For example, if someone clicks on your sponsored ad and buys 3 units, the report shows 1 Cnvs and 3 Sales in that product row.

  • CTR (Click Through Rate): The ratio of clicks to impressions, represented as a percentage.

  • Conv Rate (Conversion Rate): The ratio of purchases to clicks, represented as a percentage.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click): The average CPC paid for the specific campaign or product.

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): The ratio of cost to sales, represented as a $ value.

  • Cost: Total $ amount of CitrusAd Credit that has been spent on the campaign or product.

  • Sales $: Gross sales value, list price before discounts, of products purchased as the result of an ad click.

  • ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): Sales ($) divided by cost ($), represented as a percentage. For example, ROAS of 1000% for a campaign means the campaign generates $10 in Sales for every $1 spent with CitrusAd.

  • Impression share: Total number of ad placements in which the campaign appears, divided by the total number of placements available. This is the number of impressions of products within a specific campaign served, compared to the total available for where the campaign is eligible to appear. If the impression share value is in red, the campaign is winning less than 20% of the available placements; orange means the campaign is winning between 20% and 50% of available placements. Placements are eligible positions for the ads, based on category and subcategory. For Product Ads there can be more than one placement per page, if there are 10 Product Ads requested for a page, the total number of placements is 10.