Fall Mum Plant 4in 1ct
Fall Mum Plant 4in 1ct

Fall Mum Plant 4in 1ct

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Add some color into your fall with vibrant 4" mums *Assorted Colors* Plant: Chrysanthemum (Mum) Growing Conditions: Potted mums are not the same as the hardy varieties that go into garden beds. They are more sensitive to cold and light changes, but you can find them any time of the year and bloom for several weeks in the home interior. Growing chrysanthemums indoors is easy and requires little special care beyond watering, good soil and drainage. Once the blooms are spent, you can keep the plant around for its deeply etched foliage. Light : An important tip on how to grow mums indoors is to position your plant inside where it receives morning sun light and afternoon shade. Keep your mum away from street or security light at night. Excess lighting can throw the plant’s bloom production off and cause it to stop flowering. Water : Water once or twice a week depending on how warm it is. Let the top of the soil go dry. Then water throughout the soil, until is drains out the bottom of the pot. Do not let this plant sit in water for prolong period of time. Temperature : The blooms will last longer under cool and sunny conditions. Humidity : Prefers 50 to 60%. But has a wide tolerance. Re-potting : Not normally advised. If the plant is pot bound, you can transplant it to a slightly bigger container, with good drainage holes and fresh houseplant soil. Re-blooming : The flowers last for 3 to 4 weeks and then stop. Indoor conditions are not correct to force them to re-bloom and creating the correct conditions is difficult at best.
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