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23 Songs You Must Play At Your Baby Shower!

Are you hosting a party for an expectant mother, and you need some songs for a baby shower? Here are 23 tracks perfect for the occasion.

February 11, 2022

Baby showers are a longstanding tradition for many families, and an essential milestone in any new parent’s life. 

A baby shower celebrates an unborn child's upcoming arrival and is usually held several months before the birth. They’re often hosted by a close friend so that the mother can relax and enjoy the party.

At these baby showers, parents receive, guests consume cakes and cupcakes and play games, and music is always playing. 

If you’re in charge of the mood-making for this event but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of songs for a baby shower. With this inspiration, you can build a playlist from scratch.

Should I create a baby shower playlist?


Even if you’re renting a venue — and enjoying the company of others guests over delightful things like Bahama mamas or brightly colored skittles cocktails — an expectant mother may prefer certain songs, genres, or artists for her baby shower music. A playlist helps you compile those tunes. 

Creating a playlist of baby-themed songs gives you more time to hand out parenting gifts, instead of awkwardly flipping through your Bluetooth device. Other benefits of creating a playlist include:


By collecting those pregnancy announcement songs, you won’t be switching back and forth between tracks. You can even give your playlist a specific order to follow a theme. We recommend happy songs first, followed by emotional ones.


Baby showers are all about celebrating the expectant mother, but putting a party together can take a team. Close friends can add any songs about having a baby to the list while you’re splitting the party-planning duties. Decades of themes, genres, and experiences can come together in a tapestry of sound that reflects the joy of parenthood. 

It’ll make the mother happy

Although a host usually arranges baby showers, the mother may help decide some of the finer details of the event. This includes the theme, color scheme, and the tracklist of baby shower tunes. She might not want you to include any songs about being pregnant in the playlist, but where’s the fun in that? 

By allowing the mother to pick music that means something to her, she can use the experience to connect to others during a significant time, like compiling a Christmas playlist reminiscent of childhood. 

Best of all, babies become sensitive to external sounds in the second trimester. They can remember some of those sounds once they’re born, so there’s a chance that the party songs will always soothe them.

What are the best songs to play at a baby shower?

Easy on the ears and the slightest bit sentimental, these songs can be played as white noise in the background while guests sit around and chat. While everyone’s opinion of the best baby shower songs is likely different, we’re talking about guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Pull up a chair and let’s flip through the records.

1. Haven’t Met You Yet, by Michael Bublé

“And I know someday that it’ll all turn out

You’ll make me work so we can work to work it out”

2. My Girl, by The Temptations

3. Isn’t She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder

4. Just The Two Of Us, by Will Smith

“Just the two of us, we can make it if we try

Just the two of us (just the two of us)”

5. What A Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong

6. We’re Going To Be Friends, by The White Stripes

7. New Soul, by Yael Naim

“I’m a new soul, I came to this strange world

Hoping I could learn a bit ’bout how to give and take”

8. You Are The Best Thing, by Ray LaMontagne

What are some emotional songs to play in a baby shower?

Let’s say your party has a theme, from the baby shower games to the decorations. It’s lighthearted, of course, and full of joy, but there may be an emotional edge. 

To say “congratulations” to the lucky parent and mellow the mood, you can gift them some toys for a baby boy or girl. Although baby shower gifts for mom are also much appreciated, the most significant gift will be the child itself. Here are a few more songs to dig deep into those emotions in the best way possible.

9. Count On Me, by Bruno Mars

“You can count on me like one, two, three

I’ll be there”

10. Sweetest Devotion, by Adele

11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

“Somewhere over the rainbow

Bluebirds fly”

12. Blue, by Beyonce

13. Your Song, by Elton John

“I don’t have much money, but boy if I did

I’d buy a big house where we both could live”

14. Beam Me Up, by Pink

15. Never Grow Up, by Taylor Swift

“Your little hand’s wrapped around my finger

And it’s so quiet in the world tonight”

16. The One Thing, by Shakira

Worried about some (happy) waterworks? Don’t forget to pick up some kleenex for the party.

What are the happiest songs to play in a baby shower?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may have a baby shower centered around happiness. All baby showers should be happy, but this event could focus on good vibes, bright sunshine, and laughter for days to come instead of sentimentality.

Here are some baby shower songs to match the tone:

17. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, by The Beatles

18. Fireflies, by Owl City

“I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly

It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep”

19. 1234, by Feist

“One, two, three, four

Tell me that you love me more”

20. Beauty In The World, by Macy Gray

21. Better Together, by Jack Johnson

“There’s no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard

No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart”

22. Lovin You, by Minnie Riperton

23. Sweet Pea, by Amos Lee

Compose the perfect baby shower party

Remember, the best baby showers always have music playing in the background. On top of the music setting the tone for the event, you’ll need a few table decorations and tasty treats, too.

If you’re the host for this auspicious occasion, don’t forget to pick up easy-to-clean party cups, so people can sip on those delicious drinks. If the party is big, opt for disposable plates and napkins, to make clean up easier.

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