Six balloons tied to plastic Easter Eggs spread out across a field.

Eggs-traordinary Egg Hunt Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy

Eggs-plore Gopuff’s egg-cellent Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers, kids, teens and even adults that will make this year’s egg hunt the best one yet

April 02, 2021

Easter is full of traditions—but our favorite? The Easter egg hunt. Nothing says spring has sprung like rushing through the house or a field to gather up those brightly colored eggs filled with the best Easter candies. Of course, the fun competition between family and friends to gather up the most eggs doesn’t hurt, either. Not to mention, the outdoor aspect makes this a great way to stay socially distant during your Easter gatherings.

Even though we love this Easter tradition, it doesn’t hurt to make things a little more egg-citing. Not to mention, times are different, and families may be gathering virtually this holiday. If you’re looking to host a virtual Easter egg hunt, coordinate with your family members to plan a similar egg hunt experience for all of your participants. At the end of each hunt, have guests come back and show off their baskets and prizes.  

We’ve put together some new Easter egg hunt ideas that will get everyone involved whether together or from afar. Eggs-plore some of our favorite ways to switch up prizes and have even the adults hopping up to join in on the fun.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers

Once the Easter Bunny has dropped off some treats and toys for the kiddos and the Easter crafts are proudly displayed, it’s time for your little bunnies to grab their Easter baskets and hunt for more hidden treats. But, if you know anything about toddlers, it can be difficult to keep them focused, especially when it comes to introducing an unfamiliar activity.

Keep your kids entertained and focused on the egg hunt by attaching helium-filled balloons to the eggs. This will keep your toddlers entertained and help them know where to go. For younger toddlers, keeping them in an open area will be perfect. Don’t forget to spread them out to encourage them to run around and burn off some of that Easter sugar energy.

Six balloons tied to plastic Easter Eggs spread out across a field.

Source: Celebrations at Home

Add some extra character to your toddler’s Easter egg hunt by incorporating some other fun Easter activities, like pin the tail on the bunny or convincing the Easter Bunny to make an appearance. 

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Young Kids

Younger kids will love searching for Easter eggs that are a little more challenging to find. If your kid is old enough to enjoy an extra challenge and upgrade to pro egg hunter, then these ideas will keep them entertained all day!

For a kid-friendly scavenger hunt, try working in multiple steps to the egg hunt. For example, grab a baking sheet, some paper, magnetic letters and plastic eggs. You’ll want to lay the paper on the baking sheet and lay out the letters of the alphabet. Then, fill your plastic eggs with magnetic letters and hide them around the house. Each time a kid finds an egg, they’ll have to bring it back and match it to its spot on the baking sheet. They’ll know when all the eggs are found when all of the letters of the alphabet are on the sheet. 

You can add different levels of difficulty to this activity, depending on your kids’ ages. Instead of the entire alphabet, try spelling out an Easter message and have your child read it back to you. You can also challenge them by encouraging them to come up with a word that starts with the letter they find before they place it on the baking sheet.

Another way to mix up the egg hunt for young kids is to vary the “prizes” found within the eggs. Try coming up with activities that your children will enjoy, like a trip to the zoo or breakfast for dinner. You can also add in rewards such as no chores for a day. By incorporating different prizes like this mixed in with some special Easter treats, your kids will be engaged the entire time, wondering which eggs they will find next and what will be inside. 

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Teens

So your teen has been telling you all week that they are too old for Easter egg hunts, right? Well, this year you can tell them they’re wrong by making up a fun game that they’ll want to try. 

On the blog Bits of Everything, you can find instructions and links to create a digital scavenger hunt for your teen to use. That’s right—they don’t have to put their phones away for this family-friendly activity. This activity is also a really easy virtual Easter egg hunt that families can participate in over Zoom.

Smartphone scanning QR code that is over an Easter basket filled with colorful plastic eggs.

Source: Bits of Everything

On the blog, you will find the QR codes you can download, print and fill into eggs. Just make sure to only include ones that make sense for your location. Encourage teens to race to beat the clock so they can come back and pick from a variety of prizes.

Another great idea is to set up a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. This can be done the night before Easter Sunday. For this activity, you can write out clues to send teens on a scavenger hunt through the dark to find their eggs. Each egg can contain prizes, as well as additional clues.

You can snag some glow-in-the-dark eggs here or make your own with glow sticks and transparent plastic eggs.

To have your teens excited to play this year, try incorporating unique prizes for them. There can be money, beauty supplies or makeup and even “get out of ___” cards your kid can hold on to to get out of their least favorite chore or errand. This is sure to get your teen excited to go on an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Adults

Half of a plastic easter egg with a Sutter Home mini wine bottle in it atop shredded green paper.

Source: Aspiring Winos

Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you have to give up Easter egg hunts! If you’re hosting Easter brunch, why not work in an activity even your inner child will want to participate in. For this adults-only egg hunt, you will need lots of mini bottles of your favorite alcohols, some scratch-off tickets, gift cards and even some funny gag gifts that will keep your guests entertained and laughing as they hunt. 

At the end of the hunt, your guests will have their own customized Easter basket filled with some candies, funny gifts, alcohol and maybe even some gift cards or a winning lotto ticket! Depending on your guests’ competition level, you can add extra challenges to the hunt with riddles including math problems, word problems or challenging clues to lead them to their next eggs.

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An Egg-cellent Time for Everyone 

There’s no reason Easter egg hunts have to be just for the kids. There’s a lot of fun ways to carry this tradition well into your adult years. This year, try out some of these unique egg hunt ideas. And if you run out of candy or need some last-minute prep items, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Order supplies in seconds and get them in minutes with Gopuff delivery.

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