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The Best Hard Seltzers in 2021, Ranked

We’re ranking the best hard seltzers of 2021 to help you figure out what you’ll be ordering from Gopuff all summer

April 15, 2021

Everyone has a hard seltzer now. And we’re not just talking about legacy brands like Bud Light and Coors Light. We’re talking A-list celebrities, TikTokers, fitness influencers and (gasp) even craft breweries. So we’re here with our ranked list of the best hard seltzers to help you navigate the neverending terrain, pick favorites and suggest what to snack on when you inevitably try them all.  

Our Hard Seltzer Faves

Best craft seltzer—Two Robbers Craft Hard Seltzer

  • About : Named quite literally because the founders’ apartment was robbed twice while they were starting the brand. The robbers didn’t bother to take the seltzer recipe. Their loss.

  • Variety Pack Includes: Cucumber Watermelon, Orange Mango and Pineapple Ginger

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: PA, NJ, TX

  • Buy it: Two Robbers Variety Seltzer Chapter 2 12-Pack

  • Best enjoyed with: Cheetos Puffs 

Best infused seltzer—Vizzy Hard Seltzer w/Antioxidant Vitamin C

Vizzy Hard Selzer Variety Pack

Best indulgent seltzer—Smooj 

Best brand you’re most likely to buy merch from someday—New Belgium Fruit Smash

New Belgium Fruit Smash

Best purpose-driven seltzer—Four Peaks Sun Day Seltzer

Four Peaks Sun Day Seltzer

Best flavor offering in a variety pack—White Claw 24-Pack

White Claw Seltzer Variety Pack

Best beach day seltzer—Corona Hard Seltzer

Corona Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
  • About: Refreshing 90-calorie Corona seltzers. Can’t give this category to anyone else and look Corona in the eye. Plus, it’s delicious.  

  • Variety Pack #2 Includes: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Strawberry 

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: It’s available nationwide.

  • Buy it: Corona Hard Seltzer Variety Pack #2 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with: Tostitos Hint of Lime

Best drop culture (the supreme of seltzer)—Nectar

4 cans of Nextar Seltzer: Asian Pear, Mandarin, Lychee & Yuzu

Best small biz seltzer—Solset Electrolyte Hard Seltzer

Solset Electrolyte Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Best emerging style—Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer

Truly Hard Iced Tea Seltzer

Best organic seltzer—Flying Embers Hard Seltzer

Best new OG seltzer—White Claw Variety Pack No. 3

White Claw Seltzer Variety Pack

Best Arnold Palmer–esque seltzer—Luck Springs Half and Half Hard Lemonade & Tea

Luck Springs Variety Pack

Your new favorite seltzer—Alani Seltz Hard Seltzer

  • About: Fitness influencer–founded (Katy Hearn). A well-known wellness brand breaking into the seltzer category.

  • Variety Pack Includes: Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Peach-Please, Frozen Lemonade, Mimosa

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MO, NC, NE, NJ, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA

  • Buy it: Alani Party Pack Seltzer Variety 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with: Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds 

Best celeb-owned seltzer—CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer 

Best cocktail-inspired seltzer—SESH

Sesh Variety Pack
  • About: A cocktail-meet-seltzer founded by a Seagram’s heir in his Williams College dorm to help his friend with Type 1 Diabetes have a tasty beer alternative. How’s that for an origin story? 

  • Variety Pack Includes: Moscow Mule, Mojito, Paloma, Gin and Tonic

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: OH, IL, PA

  • Buy it: SESH Variety 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with: Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best “now with alcohol” seltzer—Topo Chico Hard Seltzer 

4 Topo Chico Hard Seltzer cans: Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango, Strawberry Guava & Exotic Pineapple
  • About: The iconic sparkling mineral water brand, now with alcohol 

  • Variety Pack Includes: Strawberry Guava, Tangy Lemon Lime, Exotic Pineapple, Tropical Mango

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, NJ, OK, OR, TX, WA

  • Buy it: Topo Chico Variety Pack 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with: Classic Chili & Salt Pork Rinds 

Best late-night seltzer—Bud Light Platinum Hard Seltzer

Bud Light Platinum Seltzer Variety Pack
  • About: Bud Light’s strong hard seltzer—don’t sleep on the Platinum, and its 8% ABV

  • Variety Pack Includes: Wild Berry, Citrus, Blood Orange

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: It’s available nationwide.

  • Buy it: Bud Light Platinum Seltzer Variety Pack 6-Pack

  • Best enjoyed with: Funyuns 

Best wine-based seltzer—Barefoot Seltzer

Barefoot Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
  • About: Now there is wine hard seltzer because of course there is. And it’s spectacular.

  • Variety Pack Includes: Peach & Nectarine, Pineapple & Passionfruit, Strawberry & Guava, Cherry & Cranberry

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: It’s available nationwide.

  • Buy it: Barefoot Hard Seltzer Variety Pack 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with:  Cheez-It Crackers Original 

Best spirit-based seltzer—Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

Best not-quite-seltzer carbonated hard tea—Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea

Owl's Brew Boozy Tea Variety Pack
  • About: Female-founded and matcha-infused. Emmy Award–winning host Jeannie Mai recently joined the executive team. 

  • Variety Pack Includes: English Breakfast, White, Darjeeling

  • Where to buy on Gopuff: AZ, CA, MA, PA, VA

  • Buy it: Owl’s Brew Variety Boozy Tea 12-Pack 

  • Best enjoyed with: Smart Sweets Sweet Fish 

Best “as seen on reality TV” seltzer—Loverboy 

Friends drinking Loverboy & playing cards while sitting at an outdoor table

If you’ve tried them all, we salute you and hope you took plenty of breaks. A dozen new brands likely launched in the time it took you to finish this article. Find them on Gopuff in seconds, have them delivered to your door in minutes.

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