Whether it's the simplicity, the taste, or both, '90s snacks often inspire nostalgia and excitement in the grocery store aisles or the school cafeteria. It's true they're processed and usually packed with sugar, but something about them is just plain magical.

Grab your Discman and dig out your plaid because we're about to take you through a list of '90s snacks that are still available today – some of which may surprise you – and a couple that recently made a comeback. You may just end up feeling – as one of the decade's most memorable catchphrases goes – all that and a bag of chips.

1. Lunchables 


Did you go for the build-your-own pizzas, or were you a cheese-and-cracker kid? Either way, it was a fantastic lunchtime when you found these packed in your bag, and even more exciting was the bite-sized treat included in the tray. You can still enjoy this '90s food as an adult because, really, it's essentially a pre-packaged charcuterie board. 

2. Doritos 3D


Just when you thought Doritos were already perfect, in 1998, Doritos 3D hit the shelves only to be discontinued only a few years later. Recently, this three-dimensional take on the classic cheesy chip made a much-anticipated comeback in which folks could pre-order a bag to get their hands on them for real. Now you can get Doritos 3D at your local grocery store or conveniently order them for delivery.

3. Cookie Crisp


Sometimes you enjoy a healthy slice of avocado toast for breakfast, and sometimes you eat a bowl of cookies. Enter General Mills, which crafts whole-grain corn into a cereal that looks and tastes like cookies. Technically it's more of a dessert, but what better way to watch a morning cartoon marathon than by pouring yourself a bowl of this '90s edible icon.

4. Ring pops


This wearable ‘90s candy bling is fun and tasty, too. While children love them, these gigantic, edible novelty gems make for excellent party favors for engagement parties and bachelor and bachelorette parties, too. But you need no excuse to enjoy this ‘90s junk food as an adult.

5. Little Hugs Fruit Barrel


What's more fun than drinking juice from a barrel? While purple and red may not be the official names, you can still buy these sweet drinks in their original flavors. As a grown-up, you'll be pleased to know the amount of sugar in these little barrels of happiness is less than what you'd find in the '90s. These days, the Little Hugs lineup also includes additional berry and tropical flavors.

6. Dunkaroos


While likely instructed to eat them after your sandwich during lunch at school, you probably enjoyed this delicious snack first. This '90s throwback recently made a comeback with vanilla Dunkaroos, and now they're back again with chocolate. Dunkaroos are more than a cookie. They're an experience, and if you want to get your hands on these nostalgic snacks before their October release, you can order them right to your door here on GoPuff.

7. Gushers


These little gems were an exciting find in the lunchboxes for any ‘90s kid. While they're essentially candy disguised as fruit snacks, they're still much loved by school children today. They also make an excellent pick-me-up treat for adults.

8. Spaghetti-Os


From the same company that makes delicious canned soup, Campbell’s created the first spoonable spaghetti that's enjoyed by kids and adults alike – and not just because they're easy to make. These delicious spaghetti rings in a tomatoey sauce are an excellent addition to a school lunch via a thermos or enjoyed as an after-school snack. Keep some in your cupboard for times when you're not feeling motivated to cook.

9. Fruit by the Foot


While your parents likely told you not to play with your food, these nostalgic snacks were too fun to simply eat. Today, they still come in the same bright colors, with a vast range of flavors. Or you can grab the classic strawberry variety if that's your jam.

10. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies


While technically not from the ‘90s, these cookies made their way into loads of lunchboxes. To be more specific, this treat consists of two cookies filled with cream. They were the first snack baked by Little Debbie in 1960, who we also have to thank them for rainbow chip Cosmic Brownies, Honey Buns, Swiss rolls, Zebra Cakes, and more.

11. Campino 


Easily mistaken for Creme Savers, which left grocery store shelves in 2011, these creamy and fruity yogurt candies are much loved by those who grew up in the ‘90s. While some believe the hard-boiled sweet is no longer available, you can still buy Campinos in the US. 

12. Fruit Roll-Up


When you pop the name into your search engine, you may find plenty of recipes to make your own. But nothing beats the original. While some enjoy playing with the images that you can pop out of the flat, sticky treat, others prefer to bite right into them. They're still available in a range of neon colors and both sweet and sour flavors, too.

13. Toaster Strudel


To most, it's breakfast. To others, it's a snack or dessert. But no matter how you enjoy your Toaster Strudel, they're ready to eat in a matter of minutes. The only choices you need to make are which sweet or fruity flavor you want and how to style your icing. Are you a neat zigzag icer, or do you throw it on like an abstract painter?

14. Sunny Delight


While it's unlike traditional orange juice, Sunny Delight is a tasty, albeit sugar-filled, way to get Vitamin C. Jugs of this tangy, orange drink were a mainstay in many '90s kids' fridges, or small bottles of the stuff went with them to school in their lunchbox. Despite knowing it contains the same amount of sugar as cola, it's likely that part of you wants to remember that sweet, sweet taste. You're in luck, as you can still get it in various stores or order it online.

15. Bagel Bites


One of the only pizzas you can eat nine of – yes, that's the whole box – these snacks go well with playing video games or refueling after soccer practice. If you're feeling fancy, you can also get them like pigs in a blanket or Bagel Dogs and serve them as appetizers.

16. Cheese strings


Some people peel them; others bite them. Either way, they're just as delectable. It was exciting to find these in your packed lunch in the '90s, too, but little did you know they were a healthier option that pairs well with fruit.

17. Kraft Easy Mac


This dish undeniably reigns as a favorite childhood snack of the 2000s, after Kraft released the pouches in 1999. These made the perfect after-school snack when you wanted some Kraft macaroni and cheese, but the stove was out of the question. In 2006, Kraft started packaging them in cups, making them far more portable for school lunches.

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