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Energy Drink and Snack Pairings to Keep You Going

Get a jolt of energy infused into your day with these energy drinks and nutrient-packed snack pairings

January 05, 2021

Some days, your body’s gas tank just seems to be running on empty. You find it tough to focus, and once the yawning starts it feels like a never-ending cycle. 

No, stop that! No yawning now. 

It feels like no matter what you try—a cup of coffee, a pinch on your arm or even patting your face with the palms of your hands—you just can’t seem to perk back up. 

Put down the sugary foods and reach for these energy-packed drinks and snacks to get your head back in the game. These unstoppable energy drink and snack combos will keep you fueled up to get through the day at work, a tough workout, a night ahead with friends, an all-night gaming sesh or whatever else you need the energy to power through. 

1. Red Bull and Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tart Cherry

When that afternoon slump hits and you need something to wake you up, reach for this sour and fiery combo. The semi-sour taste of Red Bull paired with the heat of Blue Diamond Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds will get you fired up to conquer your afternoon. 

Red Bull: Classic or Sugar-Free

Blue Diamond Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tart Cherry

12oz can of Red Bull, original flavor

Blue Diamond Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds and Tart Cherry package

2. Yerba Maté and Veggie Snacks

This is the combo to reach for when your energy reserves are running low at work. 

If traditional energy drinks aren’t your thing, yerba maté might be your cup of tea. Packed with caffeine, yerba maté is a nourishing and energizing drink that comes from the leaves of a tree found in South American rainforests. Even better news: It may even be linked to better digestion and weight loss

Opt for a lightly salted veggie snack, packed with fiber, to keep you feeling full and focused as you get through the day (or night).

Guayaki Lemon Elation Yerba Maté

Yerbaé Orange Vanilla Sparkling Yerba Maté

Guayaki yerba mate organic enlighten-mint-tea

Yerbae Orange Vanilla Dream yerba mate can

Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips

Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

A bag of Rhythm Superfoods naked beet chips

A bag of Rhythm Superfoods original kale chips

3. Bang Energy Drinks and Trail Mix

While the name might make you think of a crash, there’s no hard comedown from this sugar-free energy drink. A favorite of gym-goers, Bang Energy drinks are packed with vitamins, essential amino acids and loads of caffeine to get you through the toughest of reps.

Throw in a nut mix, like this Planters Energy Nut Mix, and your energy will be sustained while you wait for the squat rack at the gym to finally open. Don’t forget to refuel once you crush your workout. 

Bang Frosé Rosé

Bang Rainbow Unicorn

Planters Nut-rition Energy Mix

Bang can, Frose Rose flavor

A can of Bang Rainbow Unicorn energy drink

A bag of Planters Nut-Rition energy mix

4. Game Fuel and Sunflower Seeds

When you need a power-packed combo to get you to that next level of the latest Call of Duty game, Mtn Dew Game Fuel and sunflower seeds are here for you. This quick snack will give you something to munch on in between lives, or while you’re waiting for your buddies to catch up while keeping you alert to finally beat the game.

Mtn Dew Game Fuel

David Sunflower Seeds

A can of Mountain Dew Game Fuel

A jumbo bag of David Sunflower Seeds, 5.25oz

5. Celsius Energy Drinks and Almonds

If you want a healthier option, this combo will become your best friend. In addition to giving you the heart health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate, this snack will keep you feeling full and satisfied in a pinch.

Combine this force with the sparkling fruity flavors of Celsius, and you have an indulgent and refreshing way to perk up and get through even the longest of days.

Kiwi Guava Celsius

Watermelon Celsius

Woodstock Dark Chocolate Almonds

A can of Celsius Live Fit, Sparkling Watermelon flavor

A can of Celsius Live Fit, Kiwi Guava flavor

A bag of Sweet Cravings dark chocolate almonds

6. 5-Hour Energy and a Banana

Life happens, and sometimes you need energy fast. This energizing duo will certainly keep you quick on your feet. Throw back a 5-hour Energy shot and peel open a banana for a jolt of caffeine, potassium and complex carbs to keep your body working hard when you’re on the go. 

5-hour Energy


A 5-Hour Energy bottle, Extra Strength berry flavor

A single banana

7. Coke Cherry Energy and Dark Chocolate

If you haven’t indulged in the sweet combination of cherries and chocolate, stop what you’re doing and order this now. The sweet and tart flavor of Coke Cherry Energy balanced with the subtle bitterness of dark chocolate will wake you and your tastebuds right up.

Coke Cherry Energy

Chocolove Dark Chocolate

A can of Coca Cola Energy, Cherry flavor

Chocolove Dark Chocolate bar

8. Monster Java and Quest Chocolate Brownie

This coffee-flavored energy drink and chocolate brownie together pack a punch and a ton of protein, without the knife and a fork. It’s a refuel combo that feels like a meal, keeping you satiated and energized as you take on your day.

Monster Java

Quest Chocolate Brownie

Can of Java Monster

Quest chocolate brownie bar

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