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Five Gameday Essentials

September 07, 2022

Picture it: football season. The game’s on, friends have assembled, and unfortunately for you, your fridge is empty. It’s enough to make even the G.O.A.T. weak in the knees – because without cold beer and gameday snacks, you’ve fumbled as a host. In those make-or-break moments, call an audible with Gopuff. 

Need some ideas for your tailgating spread? Here are five gameday essentials:

1. Bud Light

Nothing goes down smoother during a less-than-stellar 4th quarter drive.

2. Pizza

We’re partial to our own freshly made hot pizza, The Mean Tomato, but frozen will do the trick, too. 

3. Pepsi

Having this classic on hand is a tailgating must. Perfect over ice or as a mixer. 

4. Tostitos

One word: nachos. While you’re here, better grab the salsa and queso, too.

5. Wings

You needn’t be an Upstate NY fan to appreciate buffalo wings. Throw in some celery, blue cheese and ranch, and you’re golden. 

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