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Pantry Staples for Quick & Easy Meals

Get a list of the most important ingredients and food items you’ll need to stock a versatile and usable pantry for quick, easy meals

December 04, 2020

Life hasn’t slowed down much despite working from home, canceled plans and closed restaurants. Time is still a precious commodity, and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as you continue cooking and baking at home is to make sure your cupboards are stocked with pantry staples for preparing quick and easy meals.

Whether you’re prepping easy lunch recipes for the week, grabbing a quick healthy snack between Zoom calls, making school lunches for the kids or figuring out what to do for dinner, having the ingredients on hand can save time and reduce stress.

Planning your meals ahead can save time and give you a chance to take inventory and make a pantry list to be sure you’ve got everything you need. Many non-perishable food items can be stored for several months without needing refrigeration.

Your ideal list may vary depending on your taste and diet, but the food items and ingredients below are among the more universally useful across a wide range of dishes, budgets, time and circumstances. 

Pantry Essentials for Making Quick & Easy Meals

The Basics

Pro Tip: Whether it’s olive oil or a cup of sugar, make sure you have what you need before you start the recipe. 

Stocking your pantry with these essential ingredients will lower the likelihood of your needing to ask a neighbor. Of course, you could just order it from Gopuff. But it helps to have it on hand when you need it. So order early. 

In any case, here is a pantry list of some basic food items to keep in stock. 

Spices & Seasonings 

It’s easy to make any food taste amazing with the right seasoning, often without adding any calories. You may find that a few seasonings are rockstars among the best recipes. Here are some of them:

Quick Meals 

Sometimes you just need something quick and easy after a long, hard day. Sometimes you just forget that, oh yeah, you want to eat dinner tonight, and tacos will hit the spot. Keep these fast and simple dinners in the pantry for any meal when you’re in a pinch. One of the best things about them is that they will last a really long time.


Pasta & Grains



Condiments & Sauces

Along with spices, seasonings and marinades, this is where the magic happens. Transform a bland and boring dish into a meal that makes your mouth water every time you think about it. Hot sauce, anyone? Many of these have a long shelf life unopened in the pantry.

Storage Containers and Other Kitchen Necessities

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