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2020 Brand Bowl

Gopuff’s data illustrates which Big Game commercials drove immediate sales in our 2020 Brand Bowl

February 03, 2020

Pringles, Pop-Tarts and Secret Deodorant Win Gopuff’s Brand Bowl

Gopuff, a leading consumer technology platform and instant needs category creator, released its third annual Brand Bowl Report, detailing how consumers reacted to some of our favorite brands’ commercials and what fans ordered most during the game.

Commercials At Work

Gopuff tracked nationwide customer orders for products advertised during the Big Game. Here’s how those ads impacted immediate sales in the minutes after the commercials aired. Percent changes based on orders one-hour before compared to orders in the hour after the commercial aired.

Brand Bowl Winners

  • Pop-Tarts: This brand had an impressive 47% increase in orders in the hour following the brand’s commercial.

  • Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew orders increased 17% in the hour after the brand’s ad aired.

  • Pringles: Back in 2019, Pringles orders increased 23% after the ad aired. This year, the company’s ad was even more effective, driving a 60% increase in orders for Pringles products on Gopuff immediately following the ad.

  • Secret Deodorant: Though not a traditional Big Game snack or party item, orders for Secret Deodorant increased 300% after the ad aired.

  • Planters: Orders for Planters’ products increased 42% in the hour during which the brands’ ad aired. Also of note: after Mr. Peanut’s ‘death’ on Jan. 22, 2020, Planters’ orders hit a one-year high on Gopuff.

  • Cheetos: Orders increased 23% for Cheetos products following the commercial.

  • Snickers: Snickers orders increased 18% following the airing of its Big Game commercial.

  • Tide: With ads airing throughout the night, there was a 75% uptick in Tide orders at 7:00 p.m. just after the first Tide commercial aired. After that, orders for Tide products remained steady through the end of the game.

What Fans Ordered

Historically, Americans eat – a LOT – during the Big Game. Customers’ favorite game day munchies included:

  • Snacks: Gushers Flavor Mixer, Tostitos Salsa con Queso (Medium), Flamin’ Hot Cheetos*, Haribo Gummi Bears, Tostitos Chunky Salsa (Medium)

  • Alcohol: White Claw Seltzer, Natural Light, Corona Extra, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Seltzer*

  • Drinks: Gatorade, Sprite, Pepsi*, Coca-Cola*, Mountain Dew*

Beyond food and drinks, though, customer orders show fans were in need of party and clean-up supplies along with some medicine to make their Monday morning a bit smoother:

  • Home Essentials: Red Party Cups, Charmin Toilet Paper, Scott Toilet Paper, Repurpose Compostables Plates, Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Tissues

  • OTC Medicine: Morning Recovery Hangover Drink, Tums Antacid Extra Strength Fruit Chewable Tablets

* Brand or product advertised during the Big Game.

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