Gopuff Launches New Ad Platform
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Gopuff Launches New Ad Platform

Gopuff Ad Solutions drives customer engagement with brands at point of purchase

June 15, 2021

As the creator of the instant needs category, Gopuff knows how to effectively meet consumers’ evolving expectations to deliver what they want, when they want it. With Gopuff Ad Solutions, brands and media agencies can now roll out strategic ad campaigns on Gopuff’s platform, immediately turning engagements into transactions – then placing the product in customers’ hands in 30 minutes. Gopuff Ad Solutions is a new media platform where brands can seamlessly plan, buy, measure, and manage their ads on Gopuff 24/7 to drive significant ROI. 

Brands including PepsiCo, Mars Wrigley, Kraft Heinz, and Unilever have formed partnerships with Gopuff Ad Solutions and experienced significant results with managed campaigns. Now, with today’s launch, any brand can partner with Gopuff Ad Solutions to reach Gopuff customers to drive predictable and repeatable business outcomes. During just the past week of the Gopuff Ad Solutions in-app pilot, customers saw an average of 3.1x return on ad spend across over 1,000 products in various categories, with the top quartile of campaigns achieving 10.3x return on ad spend.

With Gopuff’s direct API integration into CitrusAd’s retail media technology, brands can now advertise with Gopuff in three easy steps: select products, set budget, and bid. The CitrusAd integration along with Gopuff’s advertising network partners – The CitrusAd Network, Skai (formerly Kenshoo) and PacVue – make it easy for brands to run in-app media placements of sponsored products or search ads to target and convert high-intent customers as they shop on Gopuff. 

Ads can be activated quickly on the CitrusAd platform, going live on Gopuff in one business day and then providing partners with real-time reporting dashboards. Because Gopuff owns its inventory and supply chain, ads are only shown to customers who can have that item delivered to them in minutes from their local Gopuff micro-fulfillment center.

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Gopuff also works with brands and media agencies to develop and manage campaigns that reach customers in creative and impactful programs such as:

  • Programmatic display and video ads to reach new customers off-app through omnichannel media placements. The Trade Desk and Aki Technologies, our audience extension partners, enable brands to reach customers during meaningful moments and at every stage of the path to purchase;

  • Messaging campaigns for targeted customer outreach within the Gopuff platform using SMS, email marketing, in-app messages and more;

  • Product sampling campaigns to drive product trial and awareness; and

  • Creative and experiential features to facilitate consumer engagement with brands. 

As Gopuff continues to invest in tech and talent to expand and enhance its new ad solution, it created an in-house ad team dedicated to working with brands to develop creative campaigns that drive results. To scale ad insights and measurement efforts, Gopuff brought onboard Daniel Slotwiner who previously led advertising research at Facebook. 

Slotwiner, Gopuff’s VP Measurement and Insights, said, “Gopuff’s ownership of supply chain and our vertical integration allows for end-to-end measurement of customer behavior in an immediate consumption ecosystem, providing brands with deep and unique insights. By unifying supply chain, inventory, and merchandise with a powerful advertising platform, brands can now optimize and measure ad campaigns with an unprecedented amount of knowledge of product availability and consumer response.”

Over the past year, instant delivery has become an integral part of everyday life for many. In fact, in 2020 alone, Gopuff served more customers than we had in all previous years combined. As Gopuff continues to rapidly expand across the U.S. and into international markets, and as customers increasingly seek to order everyday items for instant delivery, Gopuff Ad Solutions provides brands with powerful tools to target high-intent customers where and when they’re shopping. 

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