Gopuff Named Instant Delivery Partner for MrBeast, Unlocking Access to $1 Million in Prizes
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Gopuff Named Instant Delivery Partner for MrBeast, Unlocking Access to $1 Million in Prizes

Order MrBeast’s New Chocolate Bar on Gopuff and Get a Jump on the Competition to Win Big (think Teslas!)

January 29, 2022

Gopuff is partnering with mega YouTuber and avid philanthropist, MrBeast, as the exclusive instant delivery partner for his brand new chocolate bar, the MrBeast Bar, bringing it to customers in as little as 30 minutes. The MrBeast Bar drops today and is the first of many products to come from Feastables, a new snacking brand founded by MrBeast that’s focused on making high-quality food more accessible. Gopuff is especially excited to provide one of the first and fastest ways to get your hands on MrBeast Bars. Why? Because we’re going to help you win BIG prizes. 

In true fashion, MrBeast is holding a massive competition to launch the Feastables brand, totaling over $1 million dollars in prizes and offers, including Teslas, Sea-Doos, a lifetime supply of chocolate from Gopuff, cash prizes, and much more, including the chance to appear in one of his upcoming YouTube videos (he has 89M subscribers!) and compete to win a chocolate factory. The only way to enter the sweepstakes is by purchasing a chocolate bar, and because Gopuff delivers in as little as 30 minutes, our customers get a head start in the million-dollar competition.

Mr. Beast promotional image

Gopuff has become the go-to platform for celebrity and influencer products, whether that’s Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila, Selena Gomez’s Serendipity Ice Cream, Emma Chamberlain’s Chamberlain Coffee, and now MrBeast’s chocolate bar. We’re excited to deliver these products to their fans in minutes, and look forward to introducing more surprises along the way as we bring the world of MrBeast to your doorstep. As MrBeast himself said, “Be on the lookout for exciting stunts and giveaways with every Feastables drop.” 

Go order your MrBeast Bar today so you can enter to win BIG, and learn more about the MrBeast Bar and our collaboration here

And, if you love chocolate like we do at Gopuff, check out some of these chocolate fun facts from Gopuff:

  • Almost one-fifth of the orders on Gopuff last year included chocolate.

  • It’s a midnight delight. The majority of chocolate purchases on Gopuff happen between 6 p.m. and midnight.

  • East Coasters go hard for chocolate. Out of the top 10 cities over-indexing on chocolate in 2021 on Gopuff, six were on the East Coast. Shout out to Connecticut for having two cities on the top 10 list – Bridgeport and New Haven.

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