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How Does Gopuff Work? Place an Order on Gopuff

How does Gopuff work? Gopuff walks you through the process of selecting what you want and having it delivered to your doorstep with the Gopuff app

October 27, 2020

With Gopuff, customers can order snacks, essentials, alcohol and more through our app or website. Once a customer enters their delivery address, they are able to see all the items available from the closest Gopuff facility. Gopuff then allows customers to add items to their bag and pay online. 

Once an order is placed, the local facility is notified and one of our driver-partners brings it directly to the customer via contactless delivery. 

That’s how Gopuff works, but we also want to share what makes our service unique and how to place an order. 

We designed Gopuff to be the go-to for everyday essentials, whether you need over-the-counter medicine, meals, snacks and candy or just about anything else. Our goal is to make last-minute errands and grocery shopping easier so you can spend more time doing what you want. Gopuff is always expanding and adding new, popular products. To demonstrate just how simple it is to get those items delivered to your doorstep quickly and affordably, here are the steps:

How do I place an order on Gopuff?

1. Download the Gopuff app 

To maximize convenience, download our app. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play and it’s the fastest way to get set up. Just hit “Get” or “Install” and create an account in a few steps. The Gopuff app lets you manage your entire account and browse all the products that are available in your area. The app will let you know what’s currently available.

Or connect with Facebook or your number.

You can also stop by to get started. Just enter your number or connect to Facebook. If you enter a phone number we’ll send you a quick text to confirm your account. It’s that easy.

2. Confirm your location

Now that your account is good to go, just enter and confirm your delivery address. Gopuff has strategically placed facilities across hundreds of markets and maintains a large network of driver-partners, which allows us to deliver quickly and conveniently.

While we don’t deliver everywhere, we’re expanding to include even more areas. If we’re not yet in your area it’s likely we’re on our way!  

3. Browse the Gopuff categories

Whether on our site or in the Gopuff app, you’ll be able to confirm your address and start browsing our product categories. You’ll notice our biggest categories on the selection page like snacks, drinks, health products, groceries, home cleaning essentials and more. There are also a number of trending categories that change over time (like Summer BBQ or Throwback Snacks). We also highlight Puff Picks, recipes (like spiced-up mac and cheese), organic snacks and more. 

Beyond that, some of our most popular offerings include our alcohol delivery service, which offers craft beer, wine, spiked seltzer and more to our 21+ customers, over-the-counter medicine, and essential products as well as safety supplies. 

4. Add items to your bag

Now that you’ve got an idea of our product assortment, just grab everything you need and add it to your bag. Above you’ll see a sample bag. 

Just add whatever you need to your bag. Our order minimum is as low as $12.95. Once you hit the order minimum, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Gopuff rewards: claim your Puff Points

Every time you add an item to your bag, we reward you with Puff Points, which unlock perks once you earn enough. For example, these cups earn you 160 Puff Points:

Get our recommendations

When relevant, we also offer themed packs of items to fit into whatever you may be planning. The cups suggest to Gopuff that you might be having a last-minute get-together with friends, so we recommend the “Party at Your Place” snack and drink package and the option to make a swap.

5. Confirm and check out

Make sure you’ve got what you need and then hit check out. At this point, you’ll see a few options including:

Tip Your Driver

Leave your driver a tip of your choosing or pick from one of our presets of $1 to $3. 

Subscribe to Gopuff Fam

Consider joining Gopuff Fam, our $5.95/month subscription that unlocks free shipping on all orders and other perks. This makes Gopuff even more affordable, especially if you’re trying to minimize your errand time and grocery store runs.

6. Place your order

When you’re satisfied with your order, simply hit “Place Order” and that’s it.

Your order is on the way!

Once you order, our driver-partner picks up your items from our local facility and brings the order to you. We aim to get it in your hands as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait around or adjust your schedule just to get essentials delivered. Gopuff features contactless delivery, which means we drop it off on your doorstep in a Gopuff-branded bag for you to grab. This makes our service extra safe and easy to fit into your day. It also supports our ongoing efforts to reduce COVID-19 spread for the duration of the pandemic. When your order arrives, we’ll notify you right away.

The great thing about Gopuff is the focus on you, the customer. We provide an easy way to order, rewards you actually want and recommendations on items you may want to add to your bag. We work around the clock to ensure Gopuff is available to you anytime and that we stock the items you need and actually use most.

We also try to always offer deals and trending products through the app and site. We’re even delivering local favorites in select markets. So if you’re in Philly and you’re craving a La Colombe coffee drink, we’ll get that to you fast. That’s how Gopuff works and everything you need to know to place and receive your order. It’s simple by design. Give us a try!

Make sure to visit the official Gopuff blog for fun reads like this one on our favorite nostalgic candy from the 90s. You can check us out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more information. If you need any help, drop by our support center.

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