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Here’s How Gopuff Customers Rang in the New Year

With an unusual year behind us, here’s how Gopuff customers celebrated across the country

January 21, 2021

Without in-person spectators in Times Square, midnight glass clinking in a crowded bar or large Champagne-filled gatherings with family and friends, this New Year’s Eve was different. With more Gopuff customers staying home on New Year’s Eve than usual, we took a look at the data to see what people around the country were ordering to ring in 2021. Here were the New Year’s Eve trends in 2020:

Top Gopuff Searches on New Year’s Eve

  • A party size bag of nacho cheese Doritos

  • Korbel extra dry champagne

  • Purlab covid test

  • Chips” was the #1 search term nationwide on NYE, followed closely by “ice cream” and “Champagne,” showing us that customers were ready to celebrate. 

  • Small group gatherings trumped solo celebrations. While searches for “chips” were up 29% over average, searches for “large chips” jumped 148%, suggesting that customers may have been providing for more than just themselves.

  • Still, customers were certainly aware of the unique circumstances of this year’s celebrations. As Gopuff has begun carrying rapid, at-home saliva-based COVID tests, Gopuff customers searched for “COVID” 122% more on NYE than the average across December Thursdays.

  • Customers turned to Gopuff for party essentials on NYE. Searches for “Champagne” were up nearly 1100% over the average December Thursday.

  • Other products seeing large increases in searches were “sparkling” (+963%), “cups” (+589%), White Claw (+191%), “vodka” (+165%) and “liquor” (+135%) 

Hangover Products Were Popular

  • A bottle of Gatorade Glacier Freeze flavor

  • Liquid Iv lemon lime

  • A 5-Hour Energy bottle, Extra Strength berry flavor

  • Hiball grapefruit sparkling energy water

  • Gatorade emerged as the #1 hangover fighter on the morning of New Year’s Day, being ordered nearly 3 times as frequently as the next most popular drink, Pedialyte.

  • Interestingly, customers were more likely to stock up on Liquid I.V. Hydration Drink Powder than any other product, as this mix saw the highest units per order of any hangover-fighting product. A similar trend is found with some energy brands, like 5-hour Energy and Hiball Energy.

  • Some brands were more likely than others to be ordered preemptively on NYE in preparation for the next morning. Pedialyte saw a 171% order increase on New Year’s Eve (compared to a typical Thursday).

  • Other preventative brands that saw large order increases on NYE include Blowfish (+338%) and Morning Recovery (+232%).

  • A bottle of strawberry Pedialyte

  • blowfish for hangovers

  • morning recovery bottle

“Let’s Get Weird” Products Were Also in Demand

Martinellis Sparkling Apple Cider

New Year’s Eve Alcohol Trends 

  • White Claw hard seltzer variety pack 12-pack

  • Andre Brut champagne

  • La Marca prosecco

  • Cook's Brut Champagne

  • Gopuff customers across the country raised a glass to 2021 (or more accurately, raised a glass to the end of 2020). We saw nearly 2.5 more alcohol orders on the big night relative to a typical Thursday.

  • While alcohol orders were up across the country, we saw especially big spikes in Dallas, Syracuse, and Allentown, PA.

  • White Claw was arguably the drink of 2020, and NYE was no exception. Gopuff customers ordered more White Claw than any other brand, by far. Moreover, White Claw was also our most searched alcohol brand of the night.

  • But White Claw wasn’t the only thing customers were cheersing to. Many had a little (or a lot of) bubbly as the clock struck midnight. Sparkling wine brands like Andre, Lamarca and Cook’s all saw sales increase by over 650% (vs. other Thursdays in December). 

New Year’s Eve Fun Facts

  • A 30-pack of Bud Light beer

  • A pint of Milk & Cookies ice cream from Ben & Jerry's

  • talenti ice cream

  • Gopuff sold enough Bud Light on New Year’s alone to give a drink to every single person in Miami’s American Airlines arena.

  • The White Claw that Gopuff customers consumed weighed nearly twice as much as the ball that dropped in Times Square.  

  • Gopuff customers drank enough Champagne and sparkling wine on NYE to supply more than 3,300 limousines with the good stuff. 

  • If you add up all of the ice cream and gelato Gopuff customers purchased for the big night, it would equate to approximately 24 Emperor Penguins.

These New Year’s Eve trends show us that Gopuff was able to help customers across the nation celebrate the end of 2020 right. Since Gopuff is available around the clock in most locations to deliver everyday essentials, our customers don’t have to miss a thing, even if they’re celebrating from home.

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