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Gopuff’s Summer 2020 in Review

Gopuff Reveals the Hottest (and Coldest) Snacks and Drinks of the Summer

September 20, 2020

Summer 2020 was a little… well… different. While the past few months haven’t exactly ushered in the second coming of the Roaring ‘20s, Gopuff customers have still found ways to savor the warm weather and create lasting memories. Our Summer 2020 in Review showcases what was hot and where it was hottest. How did you Gopuff this summer?

When the Thermometer Climbs, It’s Ice Cream Time

It’s no secret that Gopuff customers LOVE ice cream. In fact, if you were to stack up all of the pints of ice cream you’ve consumed this year, you’d be nearly 70 miles past the boundary of outer space! With this amount of ice cream, you could give a pint to every single resident of Philadelphia and still have some left over for friends in other cities who missed out. Here’s the scoop on how you beat the heat with frozen treats this summer.

Favorite brand? That’s easy. Ben & Jerry’s. Favorite flavor? Strawberry Cheesecake. While Gopuff customers generally preferred pints to handhelds this summer, some defied the trend. In fact, one person has ordered 143 Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bars since Memorial Day. We’re not mad, we’re… we’re… impressed.

But what are people buying alongside their ice cream? The short answer is more ice cream. But on top of that, ice cream buyers this summer have also filled their baskets with fan favorites like King Size Reese’s CupsGushers Flavor Mixer, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Interestingly ice cream buyers are more likely to wash down their scoops and splits with Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze than any other drink. With all of the ice cream you’re eating, you might as well stay hydrated. 

A Very Seltzer Summer

Here at Gopuff, we recognize that life is like a pack of seltzers, you never know what you’re gonna get. Gopuff customers have shown a clear preference for variety packs over single-flavor packs. Unsurprisingly, the old standby White Claw Seltzer Variety 12pk has been this summer’s top pick nationwide. Interestingly however, there’s a new guy at the party who’s turning all the heads. Despite not being released until earlier this year, Truly Hard Lemonade Variety Pack has outsold all other Truly products this summer. 

Seltzers were ordered 60% more frequently than the next most popular alcohol this summer (Domestic Beer). Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Gopuffers ordered hard seltzer every 3 seconds. According to our analysts, it seems that the thirst was very real.

Gopuff customers also sought out many non-alcoholic seltzers this summer as well, with a particular focus on Waterloo. Over Labor Day weekend alone, you drank enough Waterloo to fill nearly 20 bath tubs with your favorite fizzy flavors. We’re not sure why you’d want to fill a bathtub with Waterloo but we figured you should know.

One Last Snack Attack

Despite customers placing more than twice as many orders this Labor Day Weekend when compared to last year, Gopuff actually delivered in an average of 21 seconds faster than last year’s summer send-off. And it’s a good thing we did because shoppers were rushing to get none other than Dunkaroos!

Gopuff customers ordered this throwback favorite more than any other product on the app over the long weekend by far. Especially as “chips” was the #2 search term this weekend, it’s clear that salty snacks and crunchy carbs were on your mind as you caught those last few rays of the summer.

And is there anything more summer-y than soaking up the sun and taking in a baseball game? That’s what we hope one customer was doing when they ordered 107 bags of David Sunflower Seeds. If you were to plant a sunflower for each one of these seeds, you could give a flower to every single person who has been hit by a pitch in Major League Baseball history. The image of the Phillie Phanatic running onto the field with a sunflower in hand isn’t the image we needed, but it is the one we wanted.

Hello Gourd-geous

Summer was a blast but we’re moving onto Spooky Szn. Make sure to come back and check out Gopuff over the next few weeks for all of your favorite Halloween candy, pumpkin-spiced drinks, and other fall flavors. How will you trick or treat yourself this fall? Tweet us @Gopuff to share!

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