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October 12, 2020

It’s 7:20 am on Friday and Kierra’s email inbox is already chiming relentlessly while she sits on the subway on her way to work. A graphic designer for a FinTech company in Philly and a freelancer on the side, Kierra has been aggressively building her portfolio since graduating from art school a couple of years ago. 

Dropping off her bag and coat at her desk, Kierra opens the Gopuff app to order a couple of sparkling waters and a box of donuts from the local bakery Gopuff recently started supporting. (She wants to treat her coworker for their birthday.) She picks up her order at the front door a few minutes later. Back at her desk, headphones on, it’s time to start her day. 

“I love my job, but it’s hard not to get burned out,” Kierra says. “The last thing I want to do is spend more time thinking about my shopping list, which is why I love Gopuff. In literally one minute, I can order anything I need, and they deliver to wherever I am.”

“I actually get more work done now that I’m not stressing about the little stuff, like making breakfast in the morning or wasting my weekends doing errands.”

Kierra ends up working late (again) and shuffles back to the Broad Street Line to catch the subway to her apartment in South Philly. It’s nearly 8 pm by the time she gets home; her two roommates are out for the night, which means she’s having dinner on her own. 

Kierra Gopuffs a frozen dinner, her favorite chocolates, more laundry detergent, and a face mask and nail polish for an evening of self-care. While she waits, she catches up on the next episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and scrolls her Insta feed. 

She turns to Gopuff to save her Sunday, too. Her order includes ingredients to meal-prep lunches, cleaning supplies, and hard seltzers and popcorn for the movie night she’s planning with her roommates and partner later tonight.

Kierra’s not ready to give up the flexibility of her college years, and loves Gopuff because it meets her wherever she is, with whatever she needs.

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