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Saves the Day

One family, three kids & too much to do

Gopuff helps parents power through their days

October 12, 2020

“Aiden, put your shoes on.” “No, JimJim, you will not grow a tail when you get older.” “Aiden. Shoes, please.” “Because you’re a human.” “Because humans don’t have tails.” “Aiden, c’mon buddy we gotta go.” “Little dude, I don’t know why. Why don’t you ask Ms. Brooke today in class?”

With two boys at home and a third on the way, Derek and his wife, Cassie, can’t waste a minute of their time—because they have none to waste. Just getting the kids ready for school and daycare is a lesson in patience (and human evolution). 

A nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Cassie gets home most mornings around 6:45 am, just in time to brew coffee for Derek and make lunch for the kids before passing out.

Derek works from home restoring and selling furniture online. His whole life exists on his phone: estate-sale notifications, messages from buyers and custom order requests, doctor appointments, teacher appointments, shipment tracking, small-business banking…

Gopuff too. 

“Gopuff keeps our family going,” Derek says. “Would I rather pack these monsters into the car for a shopping trip? Or let Gopuff deliver our groceries and other essentials while we play at home? That’s a no-brainer. They won’t be kids forever, and Cass and I agreed that we want as many happy memories as possible.” 

They’re on a first-name basis with the overnight Gopuff drivers when they inevitably run out of diapers (and can’t find the aspirin) at 2-something in the morning. Derek often Gopuffs an energy drink and bag of chips around noon for a quick break from his garage workshop, plus an extra snack for the kids in the car ride home from school.  

And after long, crazy weeks, Gopuff is Derek and Cassie’s secret weapon to creating lasting family memories, like their Saturday movie night ritual with the boys—snacks for them, beers and better snacks for the adults. Or with Cassie’s latest food cravings, Sriracha and vanilla ice cream

With Gopuff’s quick and easy delivery, this couple never has to worry about not being prepared for whatever life throws their way.

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