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October 12, 2020

Debora, 46, is the epitome of effortless efficiency. A partner in a prominent Boston law firm, Deb is always on the go and has taken a tech-savvy approach to managing her life. She’s up early in her Central brownstone, checking her email, catching up on the news and quickly getting ready for work with her usual wardrobe of a linen button-down and slim black pants. Her suitcase is waiting by the door, and she grabs it on her way out.

At the office, it’s back-to-back client meetings, partner meetings, budget meetings—a whirlwind punctuated only briefly by Deb’s standard morning Gopuff order: vanilla Super Coffee and RxBar RX A.M. Maple Oats. By noon, she’s in the car en route to Hartford, Connecticut, for a trial she’s litigating.

Finally at her hotel, Deb places another Gopuff order: a few bottles of sparkling water, a toothbrush and toothpaste (no hotel freebies for Deb, she’s devoted to Sensodyne), a bottle of malbec, a Tide to Go pen and an extra bottle of hand sanitizer.

Deb FaceTimes with her nieces for a bit, then heads down to the lobby to retrieve her Gopuff order before  getting ready to meet with her team for dinner.

“Gopuff is my little secret,” Deb laughs. “My friends think I always have it together—whatever it is—but I’m just a Gopuff devotee. Gopuff has saved my day more times than I can count. With my travel schedule, I’m always losing toothbrushes or phone chargers, or always forgetting allergy meds, or need a bottle of wine on-hand to bring to a client dinner…or sometimes after a client dinner.”

It’s a late night by the time she gets back to her room. She and her team worked over dinner and spent a couple more hours going over final plans for tomorrow morning. Deb’s ready for a late-night snack but everything’s closed, so it’s Gopuff to the rescue again. A bag of Boom Chicka Pop and a Smartwater for tonight, plus her favorite bottled coffee to start tomorrow strong, and Deb’s catching up on the latest news from her hotel room for the night.

Gopuff saves Deb’s day (and night) at home, too. She Gopuffs everything from waters and healthy snacks before a hiking trip with her friends to cleaning supplies when she’s too busy to run to the store to treats for her pets when she’s been traveling for too long. Deb’s not slowing down anytime soon, and she relies on Gopuff to keep up.

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