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Gopuff Teams Up with the American Red Cross for Disaster Relief Efforts

Gopuff is Committing $450,000 to Support Relief Efforts and Help People when they Need it Most

March 06, 2022

Whether it’s a hurricane or a house fire, families and communities can find themselves without even the most basic supplies in the moments after a disaster occurs. As a business that strives to get products quickly to customers, we recognize our opportunity to utilize our logistics networks, local inventory, and delivery capabilities to get essential items delivered to affected families.

In partnership with the American Red Cross, we are committing $450,000 in financial and in-kind donations to help support disaster relief efforts. Each year, the American Red Cross responds to more than 60,000 disasters impacting communities across the United States—the majority of which are home fires. Through its Disaster Responder Program, the Red Cross supports families as they recover from disasters and prepares communities for future emergencies. Gopuff’s donation of $250,000 will help ensure the Red Cross is prepared to meet the needs of people affected by disasters across the U.S.

“The American Red Cross responds to a disaster every eight minutes on average. With the advance support of Gopuff through the Disaster Responder Program, the Red Cross can prepare individuals and communities for the unexpected and provide relief whenever and wherever disasters strike. We are truly grateful for their partnership that helps ensure we can use innovative platforms and advanced technology to deliver our lifesaving mission to those in need each year.”

– Brad Kieserman, Vice President of Disaster Operations and Logistics

But we also want to leverage our capabilities to help people directly. So, as part of this partnership, Gopuff and the Red Cross are launching a new, first-of-its-kind pilot in our hometown of Philadelphia to deliver essentials to those affected by a disaster.

Here’s how this new program will work: when a disaster happens in Philadelphia, Red Cross caseworkers will identify the people and families impacted and determine what is needed and where. Local Gopuff locations in Philly will collect these essentials so they can be delivered to those affected. We are uniquely capable of helping in these instances – as we have previously – by utilizing our logistics network, our supply chain, our wide array of essentials stocked locally, and our coverage of the region through our many locations.

“We’re proud to partner with Gopuff for this one-of-a-kind program. Local Red Cross caseworkers will be able to connect families affected by disasters in our region with additional supplies that will best help in their recoveries.”

– Guy Triano, Regional CEO for the American Red Cross in Philadelphia

We will help the Red Cross support victims of disasters in the moments when people’s needs for basic supplies are greatest. We have already pledged $200,000 worth of essentials to this program, including items like food, baby supplies, pet food, phone chargers, batteries, and pens and pencils. These items will complement the Red Cross’ relief kits to help people manage through these challenging moments.

“It has been a pleasure to watch Gopuff’s impressive growth and evolution from a local start-up into an international business—all while remaining committed to its roots in Philadelphia. This latest innovative initiative by Gopuff and the American Red Cross will help give Philadelphians access to items they need during emergencies, such as baby supplies and phone chargers, in the wake of major disasters.”

– Jim Kenney, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia

By doing this in partnership with the Red Cross, we will combine the Red Cross’ experience responding to disasters with Gopuff’s commitment to help get much-needed items delivered.

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