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Gopuff Helps the Young Entrepreneurs of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Reach their Cookie Program Goals

April 18, 2022

Women’s History Month in March is a time to celebrate the impact of women throughout history – from the women who made groundbreaking scientific and medical discoveries to those who work everyday to make their communities safer.

But we shouldn’t limit this recognition to only one month a year. All year round, we should be doing what we can to help young girls today become the next generation of leaders to change the world.

At Gopuff, we strive to support entrepreneurs of all ages and genders. That’s why this year, we’re proud to support the remarkable young female entrepreneurs at Girl Scouts of Central Indiana by purchasing over 8,400 packages of Girl Scout Cookies and helping them reach their cookie program goals. Gopuff will be giving away these Girl Scout Cookies for free to local members of our FAM loyalty program and new customers while supplies last and where available.

This purchase will help support Central Indiana’s Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls that are part of their English as a new language initiative. It will help cover costs like membership fees, uniforms and badges, and program and camp fees to make these experiences more accessible to every girl.

We’re so honored to have worked with these impressive future leaders.

Whitney Johnson, the head of Gopuff’s EmpowerHER Employee Resource Group, recently got a chance to ask Kenya, age 16 of Troop 8582 in Indianapolis, a few questions about what it means to be such a young entrepreneur.

Whitney: How long have you been in Girl Scouts? What made you want to join?

Kenya: I have been in Girl Scouts for 5 years. I really always wanted to be a Girl Scout because I knew it was a great experience to grow.

Whitney: What are some things you have learned from your troop?

Kenya: In my troop, I am the oldest, so I have learned a lot of leadership skills along the way. I have also learned about helping others.

Whitney: What do you love about Girl Scouts?

Kenya: I love that we have a lot of opportunities with Girl Scouts, and we have the opportunity to gain skills we will use as adults. I also love the girl power!

Whitney: What programs and activities are you looking forward to doing with your troop this year?

Kenya: I am looking forward to donating materials to local organizations and charities in my community with my troop. I am also looking forward to going camping this year.

Whitney: How does it feel to be such a young entrepreneur?

Kenya: It feels good! It is definitely something to be proud of.

Whitney: What is your favorite part of selling cookies, and what is the hardest part?

Kenya: My favorite part is getting to talk to my customers and getting to know them. Sometimes though, customers can be the hardest part if they are not friendly or if they ignore you.

Whitney: What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Kenya: Samoas! They are the best. 

Whitney: Who is someone that you look up to and why?

Kenya: I really look up to my mom. She is a good person and is a leader to me.

Whitney: How do you want to change the world?

Kenya: I want to change the world so we can all have peace. My goal is to become a pediatrician when I grow up, and I think that will contribute to changing the world.

Whitney: What do you want to accomplish when you grow up and how are Girl Scouts helping you to get there?

Kenya: I want to become a good leader for the Hispanic people – Girl Scouts has helped me to get there by developing my leadership skills. I used to be a really shy person, but Girl Scouts has helped me to come out of my shell and has taught me how to stand up for others and myself.

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