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Gopuff Launches New Features for Delivery Partners

May 26, 2022

At Gopuff, we know that delivery partners have a choice of where they want to earn, and we’re grateful they choose to deliver with us. So when they share feedback about things we can do to improve their delivery experience, we listen. 

In recent months, we’ve received invaluable input from delivery partners about how we can provide greater efficiency, transparency and support throughout the entire delivery process. With these objectives in mind, in March Gopuff announced a series of investments we were making to address some of the most common feedback we hear from delivery partners. 

Since the initial rollout in March, we’ve been busy. Today, we’re pleased to announce that these investments have been 100% rolled out, and we want to share a bit more about what this means for delivery partners that earn with Gopuff. 

Enhanced Earnings Tab to Make Earnings Easier Than Ever to See and Understand

Gopuff has fully redesigned the Earnings tab of the delivery partner app, which will make earnings more transparent and understandable for delivery partners. The refreshed design makes it easier for delivery partners to understand exactly how much they’ve earned throughout the week and how close they are to hitting that next bonus target, among other important payment details. 

Delivery partners who have seen and used this new design tell us they love it! 

"So far I love and super appreciate the new Earnings page. It is hands-down 100% more transparent than ANY other Gig App I’ve used to date!"

Gopuff Driver Partner Earnings

Stripe for Faster and Easier Payments

Delivery partners frequently tell us that they want a fast, easier automated system to help track what they’re earning on the app. We are excited to share that Gopuff has now completed our integration with Stripe as our payment processing system for delivery partners. 

For delivery partners, this means a better user experience when it comes to pay. It’s now easier and more efficient to log in and access payment history. Payments are now processed 2-3 days faster and delivery partners now have the option to be paid out to a debit card for business expenses. 

And partnering with Stripe will help us keep making the pay experience even better, including features like Instant Pay which is coming soon!

We’re grateful for delivery partners that choose to earn with Gopuff and we’re excited to keep making enhancements to the delivery partner experience now and in the future.

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