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Gopuff Partners with Collective Benefits to Bring Fuel Discounts to UK Delivery Partners & Store Team Members

June 15, 2022

At Gopuff, we always strive to enhance the experience of our U.K. delivery partners. To do this, we listen closely to their feedback to learn what matters most to them. Especially with the rising costs of fuel and other necessities, we look for how we can help make sure our community is getting what they need while they earn with Gopuff.

That’s why we recently partnered with Collective Benefits in the U.K. to roll out a series of perks for U.K. delivery partners and store team members. This partnership gives them access to discounted fuel at all major brands and supermarkets, along with a fuel finder tool that allows delivery partners to find the best fuel deals around them. In just a few weeks, Collective Benefits has already approved over 200 fuel cards for delivery partners and store team members, and with an average annual savings of £200 per card on fuel, this perk could lead to around £40,000 in total annual savings!

Delivery partners and store team members can also access big-brand deals and discounts designed to help them save money on everyday things, such as utilities and groceries, entertainment and sporting activities, purchases at lifestyle brands, big ticket electronics, and home items. In addition, they can choose to pay conveniently in one single bill at the end of the month. 

In just a few short weeks since we rolled out this partnership, the Collective Benefits program has proven extremely popular; delivery partners and store team members that are enrolled have already taken advantage of over 5,000 discounts!

Gopuff’s partnership with Collective Benefits in the U.K. comes hot off the heels of new features we’ve introduced in the U.S. to enhance the U.S. delivery partner experience, from Stripe integration for faster and easier payments to a fully redesigned earnings tab of the Gopuff Driver app. 

We’re committed to building on the positive experience for our delivery partners around the world by continuing to make enhancements now and in the future.

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