Announcing Gopuff’s Local Partners in Arizona
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Announcing Gopuff’s Local Partners in Arizona

From Squarz Bakery & Cafe to Cartel Coffee, Gopuff Arizona has some great local partnerships!

November 11, 2020

Passionate about connecting with and uplifting each of the communities in which we work and deliver, Gopuff regularly partners with local brands across the U.S. to deliver their locally loved products to customers’ doors in minutes—all while helping local businesses keep doors open during an incredibly challenging time.

Since launching our first Phoenix facility in 2016, Gopuff has launched partnerships with 7 local brands, expanded its delivery zones by opening 4 additional facilities and engaged with the community by donating masks to Arizona State University.

From Chicago to Miami to Nashville, local products are quickly becoming customers’ go-to choices on Gopuff. Read about our local Phoenix partners below and, if you’re interested in having your own product(s) made available on Gopuff, reach out to us at

Arizona Sweets & Baked Goods

Squarz Bakery & Cafe

  • Frozen bacon and egg mini pies from Squarz Bakery & Cafe in Phoenix

  • Shot of a split frozen bacon and egg mini pie from Squarz Bakery & Cafe in Phoenix

  • Frozen feta cheese mini pies from Squarz Bakery & Cafe in Phoenix

In 2011, Squarz began offering its gourmet, all-natural pies and baked goods at Phoenix-area farmers’ markets. From there, a community of individuals looking for delicious and interesting food blossomed. In 2015, its expanding business empowered Squarz to open a full brick-and-mortar bakery in Tempe, where Squarz could expand its menu and its fight against mundane foods.

Now, Squarz has opened another location in Scottsdale and select Squarz Bakery products are available for delivery on Gopuff for customers throughout Phoenix. Order some delicious feta cheese pies here.

Urban Oven

  • Urban Oven Lemon Pistachio cookies

  • Urban Oven pecan cookies

  • Urban oven cocoa cookies

Urban Oven cookies are the definition of better-for-you. The Chandler, Arizona, company uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourcing local when they can. Plus, giving back to the earth is a high priority to them, which is why all their packaging is made from recycled materials, and they recycle their production waste. By committing to quality for their customers and to sustainability for the planet, Urban Oven is a perfect local partner for Gopuff in Arizona. Order here.

Karen’s Gluten Free Living

  • Karen’s Gluten Free Living Pecan D'lites

  • Karen’s Gluten Free Living Chocolate chip d'lites

  • Karen’s Gluten Free Living red rock bites

After dealing with some health challenges, Karen Russell decided to make the change to gluten-free living. With her new lifestyle, Karen had to learn how to cook and bake with new ingredients. It took some time, but she soon became good at it and eventually created something truly special: the perfect gluten-free cookie. Karen decided to share her knowledge with her community and launched Karen’s Gluten Free Living, hand-making delicious gluten- and dairy-free cookies. Order here.

Hayden Flour Mill

  • Hayden Flour Mills whole berries white sonora

  • Hayden Flour Mills Whole berries farro

Devoted to stone-milling heritage and ancient grains, Hayden Flour Mill knows it’s delicious and that it’s better for you and the planet. Its flour products are always fresh— never bleached or enriched. Plus, by using the simple stone-milled method, Hayden allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. Hayden’s artisan pastas even feature Heritage Durum Semolina that’s extruded through a chilled bronze die and slow-dried, resulting in a quality texture and flavor. Order here.

Audrey Chia Cookies

  • Audrey's chia cookies chocolate chip

  • Audrey's chia cookies almond

After she started training to run her first marathon at age 50, Audrey Chia Cookies founder Audrey Martinez knew she needed a treat that could keep up with her. Enter: chia seeds. After discovering the benefits and power of chia seeds, Audrey decided to take the superfood and turn it into a super good treat. According to Audrey, eating her cookies just may improve stamina, endurance, hydration, cardio and wellness. They may even help promote a youthful-looking appearance because chia seeds are packed with protein, omega-3s and essential nutrients. No matter what, they’re a delicious, crispy treat. Order here.

Arizona Drinks

Cartel Coffee Lab

A can of cold brew coffee from Cartel Coffee Labs in Phoenix, AZ

At Cartel Coffee Lab, it’s about principles as much as passion. Cartel believes in quality, and therefore takes great care of the sourcing, processing & roasting of every coffee bean they encounter. Since 2008, each Cartel bag, cup & product has been carefully curated so that every cup of coffee is made with love and care.

With locations in Downtown Phoenix, Paradise Valley & Sky Harbor International Airport, Cartel has been a local favorite for a while. Along with a brick-and-mortar cafe and bakery, customers in the Phoenix area can also enjoy select Cartel Coffee varieties from the comfort of their homes through delivery from Gopuff. Order fantastic cold brew here

True Nopal

500ml bottle of True Nopal cactus water from True Nopal in Scottsdale, AZ

For thousands of years, the people of the Sonoran Desert have used the nopal, or prickly pear, cactus for medicinal and nutritional purposes. They believed the nopal cactus to be an essential element to their health and survival—it was good then, and it’s good now.

True Nopal cactus water has a refreshing fruit taste and is 100% natural. It will hydrate your body with a combination of antioxidants and electrolytes with no added sugars, no preservatives & no GMO. Plus, it’s even vegan and gluten-free. In other words, it’s straight from the earth just the way it was intended to be.

With about half the calories and half the sugar as the leading brand of coconut water, this Phoenix partnership is a “nopal” brainer! Order refreshing cactus water here.

Arizona Sauces, Salsas & Spreads

Peanut Butter Americano

  • Classic peanut butter from Peanut Butter Americano in Phoenix, AZ

  • Cinnamon honey peanut butter from Peanut Butter Americano in Phoenix, AZ

  • Choco Blanco peanut butter from Peanut Butter Americano in Phoenix, AZ

The idea for Americano Peanut Butter and Almond Butter came about during Jeff Malkoon’s tenure as a volunteer with TECHO, a non-profit poverty relief agency, in Uruguay. Although the peanut was first cultivated in that region over 3,000 years ago, Jeff noticed a bizarre incident that would in turn inspire the idea for an all-natural peanut butter.

Peanuts grew abundantly in Uruguay, yet children and adults preferred to consume spreads such as dulce de leche, which are much sweeter, but lack nutritional value. Plain peanut butter was simply not tasty enough. In 2013, after much trial and error, broken equipment & taste testing, a natural peanut butter company was born in the Malkoon family kitchen.

The Americano peanut and almond butter line has since expanded from farmers markets to brick-and-mortar stores. Now with Gopuff’s Non-Contact Delivery, customers in the Phoenix area can have select products delivered to their doorstep! Order 100% natural peanut butter here

Arizona Gunslinger

  • Jalapeno hot sauce from Arizona Gunslinger

  • Green japapeno hot sauce from Arizona Gunslinger

  • Habanero hot sauce from Arizona Gunslinger

Since 1985, Arizona Gunslinger has consistently produced the finest collection of hot sauces on the market. With flavor being the company’s focus,) Gunslinger products have just the right amount of spicy heat to please a wide variety of palates.

Arizona Gunslinger is prepared exclusively with the finest natural ingredients, featuring red ripened jalapeno peppers and 20% pepper solids, which is greater than any other hot sauce on the market today! This savory blend adds distinctive flavor and zest to any dish. Put some fire in your chili, give some spice to your sauces or add red hot pepper to your eggs.

Use Arizona Gunslinger Smokin’ Hot Pepper Sauces to make any creation more appetizing. The result is the very best southwestern style sauces, and other fine hot & spicy foods. Gunslinger offers a wide variety of products, and select products can be delivered straight to your door in minutes from Gopuff. Order your next favorite hot sauce here

Arizona Spice Company

  • Pineapple salsa from the Arizona Spice Company

  • Green Chile and Garlic salsa from the Arizona Spice Company

Arizona Spice Company is an all-natural line of products with easy-to-read labels and a great tasting product 15 years in the making. With people becoming more aware of the benefits of natural food and after years of listening to customers, founder Debbie Roberti created a line of fresh, all-natural products.

Arizona Spice Company takes pride in the creation of all of its products, by handmaking many of their sauces and spice mixes, using ingredients only of the highest quality & purchasing them as they need them. Now, customers across Phoenix can get select products from Arizona Spice Company delivered from Gopuff. Order sweet & spicy salsa here.

Valley Honey Company

Desert Valley Honey jar

Run by a fourth-generation member of the Arizona agricultural community, Valley Honey Co. is a small beekeeping operation producing varieties of honey connected to the seasons. From orange blossom honey in the spring to wildflower honey in the summer, this family-owned honey company supplies big flavor. It also has hives all across the valley, keeping the honey crop truly local. Order here.

Cutino Sauce Co.

  • Cutino sauce verde hot sauce

  • cutino sauce habanero hot sauce

  • cutino sauce jalapeno hot sauce

In 2017, Arizona local Jacob Cutino and James Beard Award–winning  chef Chris Bianco partnered up to elevate Jacob’s homemade hot sauces. Chris was such a fan of Jacob’s artisinal hot sauces that he wanted in on the action. The collaboration allows the duo to bring more great flavors to a larger audience, and Cutino Sauce Co. hot sauces are now available in several states and on Gopuff. These small-batch, handmade sauces are all-natural, with no preservatives, and ready to make your mouth water. Order Cutino’s hot sauces here

Arizona Byers Choice Salsa

  • Green Chile and Garlic salsa from the Arizona Spice Company

  • Pineapple salsa from the Arizona Spice Company

  • arizona medium hot salsa

In 1993, locals Jody Byers Yarmchuk and Pete Yarmchuk founded Arizona Byers Choice Salsa. The duo created everything from a mild salsa to an extra hot salsa, bringing the flavors of the south to their community. Order these delicious, all-natural salsas here.

Arizona Snacks

Kettle Heroes

  • Prickly pear kettle popcorn by Kettle Heroes in Tempe, AZ

  • Cinnamon sugar churros popcorn by Kettle Heroes in Tempe, AZ

  • Porcini truffle cheddar popcorn by Kettle Heroes in Tempe, AZ

Kettle Heroes, a family-owned and operated Arizona business, was launched in 2013 by 2 brothers looking to make a small difference in the world. Kettle Heroes strives to offer customers the best artisan popcorn, kettle corn & lemonade in the Southwest.

That means using only all-natural, gluten-free, nut-free & kosher-certified ingredients in all of their recipes. More importantly, they endeavor to be great human beings by following what they call the Kettle Heroes’ creed: Real Popcorn. Real Flavor. Real Heroes.

Now customers throughout Phoenix can find out what it means to be a Kettle Hero by ordering select products for delivery through Gopuff. Order popcorn for your movie night here

Midi Bites

  • Midi bites chocolate cookie bites

  • midi bites almond cookie bites

  • midi bites peanut cookie bites

Midi Bites founder Majo Mansour took it upon herself to create a healthy, preservative-free snack that could easily adapt to her family’s healthy and active lifestyle. After experimenting and getting feedback from the moms, gym-goers and coffee shop patrons in her community, Majo landed on her recipe for her refrigerated protein bites.

These vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, small-batch treats are made with things like organic nuts, organic dates, organic cold-pressed coconut oil and organic chia and flax seeds. The delicious and nutritious snacks are now available for fast delivery through Gopuff! Order here


  • Huppy bar coconut date ginger

  • Huppy bar chocolate berry love

  • Huppy bar wild mesquite

The tale of the Huppybar begins somewhere between soaring cliffs, rowdy waves and an impassioned river guide deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon. Working over 120 days on the river, season after season, Lyndsay “Huppy” Hupp needed more than the average snack had to offer.

Pulling together her cravings, creativity and commitment to healthy eating, Huppy designed the perfect bar: delicious, nutritious and super satisfying. To make our customers “huppy,” select Huppybars can be delivered by Gopuff throughout Arizona. Order here.

Arizona Foods

The Tamale Store

  • Tamale store chipotle corn

  • Tamale store cilantro black bean

  • Tamale store southwest veggie tamale

The Piemienta family knew they had it good with their mama’s cooking growing up. Eventually, three  of the Piemienta siblings, all with growing lives and careers going opposite directions, decided to come together and help  their mama Martha run The Tamale Store.  Now, their community gets the opportunity to experience their mama’s delicious tamales—generously filled half-pound creations made by hand using real corn husks. Order here.

Natural Grains Tortilla

Natural grains white corn tortilla

Diana and Francisco Teran started their tortilla brand in 2011 when they realized that they wanted to feed their son tasty, but healthy tortillas made with  whole grains and no preservatives—something that didn’t really exist. After seeing a void and deciding to fill it, Diana experimented with an old family recipe and landed on her healthy tortillas that still have the taste, smell and feel of traditional tortillas. (Diana would know—she grew up making tortillas by hand in Mexico.)

Unsurprisingly, the Terans’ Natural Grains Tortillas brand became a hit. These tortillas are soft, aromatic and even vegan, with no preservatives, no additives, no hydrogenated oils and no  animal byproducts. Order here.

Want to know who we’ve partnered with in your city? Click here for more on our nationwide partnerships.

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