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Here Are Some of Gopuff’s Top Cities’ Favorite Products in 2020

From Atlanta to Omaha, from alcohol and home essentials to baby products and local products, here is what Gopuff customers ordered most in 2020

January 29, 2021

With this unusual year behind us, we’re taking a look back at 2020 order trends, including top products ordered across the country. We selected a handful of cities, from Atlanta to Miami to Chicago, to see what customers from around the country ordered most last year. Here’s what we found!


In 2020, 5 popular local businesses partnered with Gopuff to bring their locally loved products to customers in new and exciting ways. During a difficult year for many small businesses, Gopuff was able to deliver products from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit and King of Pops to Atlanta customers in just minutes.

In addition, Gopuff partnered with Atlanta Public Schools and donated kid-friendly essential items for families picking up meals at King Middle School. Thanks to Gopuff, 1,000 students from the King Middle School community each received a tri-color spinning highlighter, toothbrush, toothpaste and fruit snacks. From ice cream to baby wipes, here are Atlanta’s top-selling products from 2020:


In 2020, Gopuff launched its 10th Chicago micro-fulfillment center, making it one of Gopuff’s largest metro areas! Gopuff partnered with local brands such as Dark Matter Coffee and Wow Bao to help customers get their local favorites delivered to their door in minutes. In addition, Gopuff donated personal protective equipment to Roseland Community Hospital this past year to support health care workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. Here are Chicago’s top-selling products:


Austin was one of Gopuff’s very first markets, having launched our first micro-fulfillment center in the city in 2015. Today, Gopuff operates 3 micro-fulfillment centers in Austin delivering groceries, beer, cleaning supplies and more to Austinites within minutes!  This past year we also launched partnerships with several local brands, from ice cream to lemonade. Here are Austin’s top-selling products:


Now that Gopuff has been delivering groceries, alcohol, cleaning supplies, baby and pet products to Gopuff Omaha customers for two years, we decided to take a look at what locals ordered in 2020. Here are Omaha’s top-selling products:


In 2020, we at Gopuff launched our first micro-fulfillment center in Miami – and since then, we’ve opened 5 more, delivering everyday essentials and local favorites like Panther Coffee and El Latino Foods to customers across the metro area.

For Halloween 2020, Gopuff made candy donations to Boys & Girls Clubs in Miami. Local clubs used the thousands of pieces of candy we delivered for their own distanced Halloween celebrations for club members. Here are Miami’s top-selling products of 2020:

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